Friday, June 03, 2005

Welcome to 'DREAMLAND'

Do you believe in dreams?
Well, if no, don't continue reading this post 'cause this will just be all about our dreams.

Welcome to Sweetdreams Airlines,
passengers on bed
Be ready
as the flight will be leaving soon To Dreamland,

Fasten your bedbelts..
Ready for take off..

That quote/text message has been passed through cellphones.

One proof that many of us while asleep believes that everyday we do dream.
I myself believe that, but sometimes when we wake up, we accidentally forget it. Often times we get caught up by it, because we really think that what we're dreaming about is real However when we wake up, we'll finally realize that we're really now in REALITY and that the dream we've had is nothing but a product of our sleep.

But whatever is real, I believe that dreams exist in every man's imaginative vision.
As a matter of fact, I collect dream-catchers, I'm not a fan of ethnic ambiance but because I think it helps me have my sweet dreams and a goodnight sleep, I do.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Just Started

Starting the year right.
Good grip, I just started blogging right now. Finally!

I've been planning this for quite sometime now but then I ended up blogging just this year. It seems like I'm having fun while doing this blog.

This day, I'm planning to search for my lost friends and even my former classmates.

Yesterday, our former classmate Justine just visited our school. She used to be a classmate back in Kindergarten and early Elementary but she moved to USA that's why we've grown apart.

Suddenly, I just missed some of my friends who have gone abroad... awwww!

 Cheesy it is, but that's for real! Thanks to this modern world for some of us can now keep in touch.

Back to reality: while doing this blog, I was surfing my Friendster  and Hi5 account at the same time as well as browsing I find them really cool.

I guess this is the world's welcome to me in the blogosphere.