Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Keep Calm and Watch Movies

When asked about my hobbies, I will always include watching movies to my list. I'm a cinephile. I appreciate most genres but being a female creature that I am, I have soft spot for rom-coms and such but I also dig animation/horror/suspense/thriller/sci-fi whenever the mood calls for it and when I'm in need of a movie fix. However, just a confession, I rarely go to the cinema. It was only late College when I enjoyed going to movie-house with my friends.

From then, I see to it that I get to watch the films I am looking forward to in the cinemas. That is, if the time and bills permit.

I must say that the 2013 movie adaptation, Warm Bodies, made me fall in love with watching movies since it was the first and the only movie I ever watched alone. It brought a liberating feeling. By watching it alone, it made me realize that watching movies is not just about having company. It is also not just a hobby being done to let time pass by. It is rather a moment of discovery.

When you're focused with the flow of the story and drawn to the emotions of the characters and the film, you discover lessons and you get to express yourself. Just like in this not-so-deep zombie movie, I felt love even if I was alone and I got to experience solidarity and got lost for a moment.

Warm Bodies (2013)