Friday, December 28, 2007

Year-end special.

Crap. I miss blogging. It's been months since the last time I blogged.

Sadly, this will be the year-end special. I just don't know if time permits and I'll have a part two of this one.

Anyways, 2007 had put me to extreme ups and downs,
and no Mr. Webster or any dictionary can define what I've been through this year.

Happy. Sad. Freaky. Weird. All the emotions a human can take, I think I've felt it all.

The littlest things that made up my year were like the greatest ones and the things I thought were not enjoyable like having a 3-day retreat without my beloved gadgets (it felt like I'm inside the Big Brother house at least for three days and two nights, though I don't really know how to live there), joining a school contest--the radio broadcast thing (I was just forced, luckily, we won.) and doing a newspaper (I liked it.'s such a tedious job. Good thing we've finished it, hard earned fulfillment I guess).
Having a digicam (whew! finally!). Having new friends. Trying new things. and the list goes on.

I also had like tons of switch of luck. The reason behind not having to blog is one. Phone's off for like a couple of months and it made a great impact. My cell phone got reformatted, (Sob. I cried over stuff I lost, hadn't recovered it though. Loss of my two grandfathers (My Tatay Erap and Lolo Edgar, life's too short indeed.) and regrets with things, too bad.

But all of those were something to be grateful about,lessons learned. I have to face a new one and have to change anew whatever it takes.

A sweet good bye 2007!

I have to say hello to 'o8. Good luck for me.=)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

People are people.

I definitely agree that this line is so true.
We set high standards on things, on people and almost everything.
We fail because of our weaknesses and we simply are just human beings--entitled to commit mistakes.

And so we strive to be someone who's better, perfect to please everybody in any aspect we see it.
But the truth is we're IMPERFECT people and we can't please everybody no matter how we tried so.
We should be real, and not be pretentious because then we'll see perfection.
With being real, since we are brave enough to accept who we really are.
For me, that's the best thing of being a human. We are imperfect yet we seem to seek for perfection that is actually only within our inner selves.
We just have to look deep down then probably every emptiness would be filled by realizing the truth within us.

People are people, once again, and they would always remain that.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rants and stuff.

Citizen Army Training (CAT). Swimming Classes. Late Night Sleeps. Livelihood classes. Journalism Class. etc. etc.

Ah..finally, I'm a certified SENIOR.
I don't know what to expect but I know that in the process there would be lots of learning in a hard way, but, this would still count as my treasured memory. 
As they say, High School is the best part of school.
I don't agree but I don't disagree either cause I'm "IN" it right now.
Let's just say I am on the process of discovering it yet.
Sooner or Later, I will find the answers.
I just hope that along the way everything would be fine and I'm definitely looking forward to overcoming everything with pride without quitting and the feeling of despair.
I really do. This is my last year in High School. It should be my best.
Best of luck to my batch mates, Batch '07-'08.=)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


"..We flyin' first class up in the sky, poppin' champagne living my life in the fast lane, I won't change by the glamorous.."-Fergie
It's definitely summer, baby! and what? all I can think of was TRAVEL, TRAVEL, and TRAVEL some more travel! 
Traveling is my greatest indulgence and actually one of my greatest dreams was to travel around the world. Fun isn't it? that is a glamorous life, absolutely.
Anyway, because it is my passion I traveled a lot, and once I traveled alone literally, and it's in Japan by plane..though you may not believe it. (haha!)
Of course there I have companions like my aunt and uncle but then on the plane I was alone guided by a Japanese stewardess and at the airport, by bunch of Filipinos waiting to be all aboard. I love it. Though it keeps me sad since I was too young and afraid to be alone.
But the thing I love in my experience was just like Fergie I flew on a first class airline. Actually, I was at the economy class but the stewardess woke me up after a nap and transferred me to the executive class.Wow! I was astonished! It was awesome! And not only that, I felt like a celebrity, I really had a V.I.P treatment..yipee! During the take-off, they made sure that I will be the first one to step off the plane..and they even fetch me until the arrival area.
 At the immigration they let me pass without falling in line, whatta life, V.I.P. treatment.!
Royalty indeed like I was just dreaming but all of that happened and I would definitely want to experience it again.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Mangarap ka.

Gusto ko lang mag-Tagalog ngayon, para maiba naman at yun naman talaga ang lengwahe ko. PINOY ako! kaya yun ang aking pananalita. haha! Pero hindi ito ang tema ng aking blog entry para sa araw na ito.
Gustong-gusto ko yung pakiramdam pag nasa sasakyan ako at bumabiyahe, o kaya naman kapag matutulog ako kasi lumilipad ang utak ko. Masaya, enjoy nga eh! Kung san-san nakakarating yung isip mo, sa mundong hindi naman talaga totoo. Pansamantala, nalilibang ka. Humihinto ang oras kasi nga kung anu-ano naiisip mo, try mo minsan, mag-eenjoy ka. hehe! nag-plug daw ba!
Palagay ko kasi kapag ganun nagiging malikhain ako, sa palagay ko lang ha, kasi may nabubuo akong kwento tsaka yung mga bagay na sa iba kahibangan nabibigyang importansiya ko. Politika. Showbiz. Love story. Mga Kanta. Buhay ng may buhay. Si Kris Aquino. Mga kaibigan ko. Pamilya ko. College. Future. Lahat na, andun na yun, pag nagsimula na kong mag-isip pumapasok na lang lahat, parang blog. Tuloy-tuloy yun hanggang sa di ko na namalayan nakatulog na pala ko. Bukas ulit. Ganun ginagawa ko araw-araw. haha! Sa Ingles tinatawag nilang "day dreaming" yun. Sa tingin ko hindi kabaliwan yun kung sa tingin ng iba sayang ang oras sa ganoong bagay, sakin hindi. Sa gawaing ito, mas nagiging makulay ang mundo pag may mga taong nangangarap ng gising, bakit kamo? kasi yung mga imbentor sila yung produkto nito. Minsan silang nangarap ng gising, nag-iisip ng kung anu-ano sa mundong hindi nag-eexist, at pagdating nila sa realidad, ayun, ginagawan na nila ng posibilidad ang minsang hindi nila inakalang magkakatotoo. Sa gawaing din ito, mas nagiging malikhain ka, tulad ko, nakakagawa ako ng kwento tungkol sa isang bagay, maaring isang hakbang ito upang makasagawa ako ng sulatin dahil isa sa mga pangarap ko ay ang maging manunulat. Marami pang ibang magagandang dahilan kung bakit nanaisin mong mangarap, huwag nga lang masobrahan, dahil sabi nila:"Masama ang sobra." Tama yun, baka di ka na magising sa panaginip at makalimutan mo na ang katotohanan.
Anuman ang iyong pananaw sa pangangarap isa lang ang masasabi ko, ang isang munting pangarap ng isang tao ay nagsisilbing pag-asa para maisakatuparan ito, upang mas maging maayos ang mundo ng realidad kung saan ako nabubuhay sa ngayon.
Tatapusin ko ang entry ko sa mga linyang sikat na sikat sa ngayon:
"Pangarap kong tuparin ang mga pangarap mo.."-Prospero Pichay
Nasa sa iyo na kung ito ay katotohanan o kathang-isip lamang.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thousand of things I've realized.

If ever you found yourself staring blankly at the walls surrounding you and you're getting bored and lame then suddenly you hate the world because of the feeling of"blankness" you are experiencing then stop, take a second,


ponder on the things you are to be grateful about.

look ahead.

let go of the things that are not meant for you.

move on.

take chances.

feel free.

love life.

Recently, I'm getting too pessimistic about my life, failing, thinking of getting bad grades, being scolded for many times, sleeping late, hating things, stupid thoughts. 2007 was not my year, I knew. From the very start it seems that things are not going my way and I have to contradict whatever bad luck it may bring. I have to start with myself, self discovery and contentment I guess.

First I have to let go of the bad things I perceive, regrets, hatred and the things I can't have as always. I've learned to let go of them, little by little. Actually now I'm taking it as a process. Better than to be bitter. I was browsing a newspaper once when I was struck by a quote that says:"To be happy you have to forget about the good things you've done for others and the bad things others have than to you." That would be hard to do if your ego is taking control but that is the best way to be happy in my opinion.

In my quest for contentment I've come to realize that simple things in life are the ones that counts the most. Best things in life are free indeed. A simple thank you, a tap on your back, a hug, a smile, a text message, your favorite TV show, your favorite music, a phone call, people close to you and the ones who mattered the most, a prayer and countless of reasons more. Everything, that is to be thankful for.

Maybe this year was not made for me,but I know things happen for a reason. Whatever God plans for me would be better, as long as I have my family and friends with me and as long as I'm contented with who and what I have, I'm happy. I'm alive and I'm complete.