Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thousand of things I've realized.

If ever you found yourself staring blankly at the walls surrounding you and you're getting bored and lame then suddenly you hate the world because of the feeling of"blankness" you are experiencing then stop, take a second,


ponder on the things you are to be grateful about.

look ahead.

let go of the things that are not meant for you.

move on.

take chances.

feel free.

love life.

Recently, I'm getting too pessimistic about my life, failing, thinking of getting bad grades, being scolded for many times, sleeping late, hating things, stupid thoughts. 2007 was not my year, I knew. From the very start it seems that things are not going my way and I have to contradict whatever bad luck it may bring. I have to start with myself, self discovery and contentment I guess.

First I have to let go of the bad things I perceive, regrets, hatred and the things I can't have as always. I've learned to let go of them, little by little. Actually now I'm taking it as a process. Better than to be bitter. I was browsing a newspaper once when I was struck by a quote that says:"To be happy you have to forget about the good things you've done for others and the bad things others have than to you." That would be hard to do if your ego is taking control but that is the best way to be happy in my opinion.

In my quest for contentment I've come to realize that simple things in life are the ones that counts the most. Best things in life are free indeed. A simple thank you, a tap on your back, a hug, a smile, a text message, your favorite TV show, your favorite music, a phone call, people close to you and the ones who mattered the most, a prayer and countless of reasons more. Everything, that is to be thankful for.

Maybe this year was not made for me,but I know things happen for a reason. Whatever God plans for me would be better, as long as I have my family and friends with me and as long as I'm contented with who and what I have, I'm happy. I'm alive and I'm complete.

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