Saturday, December 09, 2006

a 360-degree turn

They say that the only thing that's constant in this world is "CHANGE", well of course I believe in that, the fact that everyday, every minute and even every second I undergo that so-called "CHANGE".

I remember in my Science class when I was still a froshie there was a certain goal that man kept on seeking the maximum stability of change. Since then, I 've been used to that and strongly believed on that goal because I 'm a person who live by cliches, that sort of things and applying it in my complicated life.
Yes, I've said it, my complicated life, and why did I consider it as complicated? Let's just say it's because of the change that I'm talking about a while ago. My teenage life has been full of adjustments and the like, but nevertheless I have to be in that situation even though I don't want to because it's part of my destiny, my planned life. Right now, I'm still having those changes and I just can't seem to escape, maybe that's the reason why I said that my life's complicated. I know sometimes I was the one who gets too complicated but then again so is change. I'm not saying that I hate change because I know that in that way it somehow make people better. Yes, like in TV shows nowadays there's always a makeover thing, like the Ambush Makeover, just to make someone even more beautiful, physically speaking. But I'm not getting to my point 'cause you know right now I got a lot of things swirling in my head. Blah. I'm getting used to it. Just forgive me that my thoughts are not organized.
I'm having my 360-degree turn because of this confusing changes, I'm not yet prepared for everything that may come, but I seem to be and I have to for these are the only things that would make me tough. Make me who and what shall I be. A girl with an 'I-don't care attitude'. Wait. Lemme clear that, that I-don't-care attitude is what you should be if things go wrong. Did you get it? I don't think so. haha. =D I'm getting confusing again, so let me finalize what I want to say.
Life is full of nerve-wracking changes and I have to accept it though in the process I'm not prepared for what will happen I should just go with the flow and act that I know what to do or I should just take my time. Time is the best healer of all things plus a little laugh and a good help from heaven and I'm through with this troubling turn.

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