Monday, May 31, 2010

Going Artsy Fartsy

I am proud and at the same time ashamed to introduce to you my "do-it-yourself-planner", my project this year, "365 Days of Bummer".

Obviously, the title has been adapted from one of my favorite films, The 500 days of Summer. The idea of having this just struck me one January day when I'm looking for a perfect planner for the year. But I can't seem to find the perfect one, some too expensive, some aren't worthy so I thought why not make one for myself? In that way it'd be more personal since I'm the one who'll make it. So I did. Fortunately, I found my USA beef blank notebook and made it all happen. I also put in there 'Expectations and Reality' in exchange of my to-do lists. I just found it appropriate so I can keep track of the things I've done over the week.

It's sad I do not have any talent for art. Pardon me for the latter months, they were crammed so you see really ugly doodles. This is the arty-est I can be, technically. But not really, you should have seen my sketches for TLE when I was in 4th Year. I loved how I've drawn Ronald McDonald and Erap sadly though we have to return the sketches so I didn't get to save them.
Those old days are gone, I'm not good enough anymore.

I've already squeezed in all my talent for art and here goes the labor of love:

(From cover to some random statement)

I still have a lot of pages left so I'm going to use it to enhance my drawing skills. I hope there'd be gradual progress in time. Till next craft yo!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Because I love The Perks Of Being a Wallflower

(The Perks Of Being A Wallflower)

Thanks to my cousin Jam for lending me this AWESOME BOOK: Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

I'm currently reading this at the same time with Dear John. And Yeah, I'm liking this a lot. It's light yet made a lot of sense, contrary to Jam's belief.

I can't wait for it's movie, 2011! EXCITED! specially that Logan Lerman will play as Charlie and Emma Watson as Sam. Good choice. Yeah, agree that Michael Cera could play Charlie as well but then again it's Logan Lerman, I wouldn't mind at all. Just so you know, I crush him. hahaha.

Going back to the book, You see the cover, the photo of the guy reminds me of Justin Beiber, the haircut and all that looks like him. Anyway, I couldn't say more. Just check out the book if you want, Interesting stories inside. It made sense at least for me.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Annoying Orange vs. The Yellow Magic

Some confession:
When I was in Grade 4 I used to campaign Manny Villar for Senator. Not famous then but he's a very promising politician. Little did I know that he'd be this famous,to the point that I refuse to vote for him now that I have the chance to. Sadly, he's not that promising politician anymore, and he's definitely not my choice of President. Maybe not in this lifetime, just maybe.

So.. for months we've been fed up of campaign jingles, infomercials with children belting out "Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?..."(Found ourselves LSS with this as well), Celebrities wearing orange with a big check, photos and fan pages all over the net and this, is all because of the orange guy, by the name of Manny Villar.

It's not because I hate the man or something, well it just get into my nerves that the walls, the television, radio and the world wide web are full of his face. Overrated. I understand that is his campaign strategy. But too much is not just right. It's not just him actually, some politicians get into my nerves too. The fact that it's summer and the idea that I should be relaxing didn't happen that much during the 45-day campaign period. There was even an instance that I woke up because a Party list blasted off the volumes of their campaign jingle, very annoying when I'm having a hard time to sleep. I mean, they even pay big amount for these campaign materials, sometimes those aren't helping.Voters now are smart, they won't be carried away by a just famous endorser or TV ads for that matter. Candidates should prove themselves.

The election experience

May 10, 2010 has been a historic one since it is the first automated elections here in the Philippines. I'm glad that this generation became a part of it. Everyone seems estatic about it since many are first-timevoters. I got to commend the media for encouraging the youth to vote for change. ABS-CBN's Boto Mo Patrol Mo did a good job on that. Anyway, in my case technically it was not my first time, because I voted 2007, on the Sangguniang Kabataan Elections, however this was my first time to vote on the National and Local elections and this time it is an automated one. The machines are on haywire that day leaving me uneasy at first, but the time I finished voting, I was fulfilled. After almost 3 hours of waiting and falling in line, it's still a consolation to see the PCOS machine's screen say: "Congratulations your vote has been counted!". It took the tiring feeling away to know that you've done something for your motherland. (I know, cheesy)

(A proof that I voted, my ugly nail with an indelible ink)

Looking back, I saw a lot has change, not just the process being automated but also the people. Maybe because people hungers for change after what the country has been through, Edsa II and the Hello Garci Scandal, people got smarter. Enough of the messy government, we want new politics. Notice that the number of voters grew bigger with the media encouraging the youth to vote for change, I guess youth being idealistic helps. People no longer waste their rights to vote. This is a good sign for change.

Who wins?

The election was exciting just as the results are. When I was a kid, I used to like watching the news-roll of votes and see if the candidate I root for gets in. Now, we no longer wait for a long time, before it took months to do manual counting but now we saw that a day after the elections some local candidates are already being proclaimed. By this rapid change, we can never be sure of the results, some still doubt it, many issues popping out like PCOS Machine being labeled as Hocus PCOS, vote buying allegations, etc. Still with no confirmation and evidences though. I'm just hoping that those aren't real because this is the only time we can make a change and I don't want this chance to be stolen from us. They said this is the cleanest election so far, I hope that holds truth to the results as well.

For the record, NoyNoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay are the President and Vice-president Apparent respectively. On presidency, the oranges were overpowered by the yellow magic. Some do not approve this, but I just hope all the best for our country, no issues.

So joining the bandwagon, here's a short note for our 15th President-elect Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino:

Dear NoyNoy,

Congratulations, the public has chosen you to be the new President of The Republic of the Philippines, maybe because the think that you'll be the catalyst for change, congratulations still! I hope that this trust we've given you will not be put to waste. Our future is in your hands now. And we are letting you handle everything starting June 30, so please do your part. Let Philippines be better, and by better I mean best. Make the best out of your term. Your father and mother did their part already, please continue it in all your willingness and power. We do not expect you to be heroic, we just need a real sense of governance that will save this country from corruption, poverty, injustice, health and education issues and all that jazz. Laban as the sign below symbolizes, put this legendary symbol in action not only because it means a lot to the history of the Philippines but also because this is what the country needs. Unity and Peace. Do not disappoint us, I'll be praying for you and our country. I know you are not God but please make this happen, give us the change we've been wanting for all these years. Thank you very much, All the best! God bless you and our country!

Respectfully yours,

Rosette Adel

(May we be in good hands with you're governance)

Monday, May 17, 2010

7056th day

7055th day on Earth. But because it's 12:30 am it's now my 7056th day. Yes, I've been living that long. Love it or hate it.
The message right there makes sense we must be grateful of this life. Our clock's ticking, the hour glass is running out of sand, so we should go and make the most of it.
If you want to know how long you've been living go check

One, Twenty-one guns

21 guns. It kept playing on my head. Perfect background song while riding Wild River.
Oh yes, you got it right, that was the background song playing while I mustered a thousand dose of courage to face my fears riding that Wild River ride on Star City last night. I was never into extreme rides, you can never enjoy my company when you’re with me on a theme park because Ride-all-you can tickets aren’t just my thing. I just rode extreme rides back in 2002, at Disneyland and Universal Studios just because I had no choice. My aunt was a hustler on rides and I just followed her, Jurassic Park and Inidana Jones were my favorites back then. Although the T-rex scared the hell out of me. Man, it was totally huge && he swallowed us alive! (lol) Anyway, Going back, last night, I tried to conquer my fear and I rode that Wild River ride to make the most out of 2009 even when I believe I cannot. And even though I thought I’d die of fear. (I know, Over-acting, but it’s really a big deal) Although, I feared a lot, in the end I now knew I can. I just have to swallow 1000 milligrams of courage pills and I’ll get over it. Yes, it was a rewarding experience especially because I’m one of those crazy scaredy cats you’ll ever meet and a simple ride like this is nothing but an achievement. (Shallow, but true. Seriously.)
^A blog I posted December, I think.

Friday, May 14, 2010

What happens when I'm bored

When you have nothing to do because it’s summer. Over-think. Oversleep. Slack off. Grab a pen. Write your thoughts. Fill the spaces of your paper. Talk it out like you’re on a real conversation. Sing a song to hype up your mood. And to divert yourself from the heat. Eat healthy foods, that you may not eat once the school year starts. Take pictures, of people, of places, of things that captures your eyes’ desires. Walk around and see the beauty outside your window. Move along. Lay down. Close your eyes. Seize the moment. Breathe and smile for you are free.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

9 things for 2009

So much for the heartbreaking dramas, sudden deaths, scandals, storm aftermath, gruesome massacre, anticipated volcanic eruption, YEAR-ENDER SEVERE COUGH for me and all those crappy memories, we can now say: “I SURVIVED 2009” jumping, shouting, or even raising your middle finger whichever way you want it, because the calendar marks just reached the last day of 2009, we’re just counting hours and it’s 2010.

“A chance to change one’s self, a chance to be a hero, a chance to heal a nation” - Studio 23 ad (I cannot remember the exact words but at least that’s the thought)

9 things to be thankful for in 2009:

1. My eighteenth birthday- Yes, I’m a registered voter now! Still alive and 19th is fast-approaching!

2. HongKong Trip- Disneyland one more time. Nathan Road, Avenue of Stars, walking down memory lane, can i just go back?

2.1 count in my other domestic travels Subic etc, and the concerts I’ve watched, great shows, looking forward to more of it on 2010.

3. Acads- May not be the best but at least surviving NS101 is unexpected. Achievement? LMAO.

4. Surviving Ondoy- I know, we all hate Ondoy’s visit.. but hey, here we are celebrating New Year’s eve!

5. Laptop dear- I have no name for it, but it has been my companion for my late night paper works and insomnia-moments.

6. Health- no serious illness this year except for this severe cough, and the wisdom tooth which bugged me for days and oh, a lil fever I had. A healthier 2010 please!

7. 2JRN3- My college block. They really are awesome people. Me loves them all!

8. Friends- could not name you all but you know yourselves, Me thanks you for 2009! For the friendship and everything. me loves you too!<3

9. Family- Relatives and cousin dears included, awesome gatherings we had. More of it on 2010. Me loves you also!

To God be the glory.

Au revoir 2009, Bonjour 2010!:) The year of the TIGER. Go USTe!:)

May we have more Efren Penafloridas, peace, love and happiness! Happy New Year everyone! Have a prosperous and peaceful one! God Bless us all!

I’m hearing fireworks and Auld Lang Syne. Cheers to food and us! Bow, Tumblr.

*I posted this on New Year's Eve, the former were posted 2009.*

Cycle of Life

I was not a fan of those “I will take the moon and the stars just to be with you” pick-up lines of a guy. I see no truth behind that anyway. Maybe I’m just too cynical to believe. There’s more to love than that. It’s not about receiving 3 roses and note cards with chocolates, not that candle-lit dinner even. Although, those are sweet, mushy, cheesy, moments any girl would not refuse to take. But I see love in the simplest ways, words uttered could not even compare to the feeling.
The blushing cheeks, the “I-can’t-stop-smiling feeling”, the “I-can’t-get-you-out-of-my-head thought”, the “awww moments” and the “I-can’t-live-without-you mentality”. It’s heaven I tell you. But one should never be attached, realizing that the more you get used to something the more it’s harder for you to let it go when it’s time to take away whatever you have that you can’t let go.

That’s the sad reality of not having forever, having change as the only thing constant. Plus the fact that people always leave, true enough. And what’s new right? We always have that someone who wishes to leave with or without reason, a friend, special someone, relative, family member, whoever. We just can’t force them to stay. Never. If it’s God’s will, things will just happen. We lose but we also gain in the process, we just have to get used to it and we must never forget them.

The cycle of life. You live, you love, you let go and you move on. People should never depend on somebody so it wouldn’t hurt in the end after all losing means having something new, who knows maybe that that something could be the thing that you always wanted?

Text twist and something

Picture this, you and your close guy friend’s playing Text Twist way way back dinosaur ages, where lol (laugh out loud) doesn’t exist yet. (You probably live under a rock that time, but wait, there’s PC already!) But anyhows, The word is “Easily”, smart that he is he figured out the word in less than 30 seconds, he just needed to fill the three-letter word spaces left for him to complete the round. As we sometimes think, smart people knew complicated things, but the simple ones harder for them to solve and figure out. Lost as he was then, after multiple times of jumbling the scrambled letters, he goes: “Is this allowed?” and typed in: “ILY”. And you replied: “what does that mean?” then he said “nothing, forget it”.

It was then that later on you realized that it was the loveliest three-words ever made. Little did you know that that was it, busted. Awww. How you wish there were tutorials on online abbreviations, but there wasn’t any, so you didn’t get it, and you didn’t reply in a way that you were supposed to, in a way that you wished you have.

….It happens.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to my old place

While almost every blogger I know are making a comeback in blog-o-sphere and creating their new accounts, I, remains to stay here. In my old place. My first ever blog site.

Yes, I've had a long break when I used Tumblr, May, 2009 but I never meant to abandon this blog. I even intend to post the blog-worthy posts I blogged there to here so I can make up for the time I did not blog. As I have stressed before, I am not a regular blogger, I post blogs for at least once a year. As a matter of fact, my last post here was about a week and a year ago. I just can't commit to updating all my accounts as they are growing in numbers as years passed. And I am very certain that when school starts I will not have time to write. There had been a pattern already, I only get to post something during summer, sembreaks, and Christmas vacation. Doesn't mean I'm lazy, I take it back, sometimes I am, but really I just have a lot of accounts to juggle, and see, I'm not much of a good writer. I just hope I am, but I am not. I knew I can improve though. As of now, I only write what I think which may appear non-sense to you. Eating your time for unreasonable reasons, so sorry for that. Maybe that's why I post a lot on Tumblr and Twitter, since it does not require long posts and no one cares if what you're saying has sense or none. So yeah, what else? This blog has been alive for almost 5 years now. Cheers to that!