Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Annoying Orange vs. The Yellow Magic

Some confession:
When I was in Grade 4 I used to campaign Manny Villar for Senator. Not famous then but he's a very promising politician. Little did I know that he'd be this famous,to the point that I refuse to vote for him now that I have the chance to. Sadly, he's not that promising politician anymore, and he's definitely not my choice of President. Maybe not in this lifetime, just maybe.

So.. for months we've been fed up of campaign jingles, infomercials with children belting out "Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?..."(Found ourselves LSS with this as well), Celebrities wearing orange with a big check, photos and fan pages all over the net and this, is all because of the orange guy, by the name of Manny Villar.

It's not because I hate the man or something, well it just get into my nerves that the walls, the television, radio and the world wide web are full of his face. Overrated. I understand that is his campaign strategy. But too much is not just right. It's not just him actually, some politicians get into my nerves too. The fact that it's summer and the idea that I should be relaxing didn't happen that much during the 45-day campaign period. There was even an instance that I woke up because a Party list blasted off the volumes of their campaign jingle, very annoying when I'm having a hard time to sleep. I mean, they even pay big amount for these campaign materials, sometimes those aren't helping.Voters now are smart, they won't be carried away by a just famous endorser or TV ads for that matter. Candidates should prove themselves.

The election experience

May 10, 2010 has been a historic one since it is the first automated elections here in the Philippines. I'm glad that this generation became a part of it. Everyone seems estatic about it since many are first-timevoters. I got to commend the media for encouraging the youth to vote for change. ABS-CBN's Boto Mo Patrol Mo did a good job on that. Anyway, in my case technically it was not my first time, because I voted 2007, on the Sangguniang Kabataan Elections, however this was my first time to vote on the National and Local elections and this time it is an automated one. The machines are on haywire that day leaving me uneasy at first, but the time I finished voting, I was fulfilled. After almost 3 hours of waiting and falling in line, it's still a consolation to see the PCOS machine's screen say: "Congratulations your vote has been counted!". It took the tiring feeling away to know that you've done something for your motherland. (I know, cheesy)

(A proof that I voted, my ugly nail with an indelible ink)

Looking back, I saw a lot has change, not just the process being automated but also the people. Maybe because people hungers for change after what the country has been through, Edsa II and the Hello Garci Scandal, people got smarter. Enough of the messy government, we want new politics. Notice that the number of voters grew bigger with the media encouraging the youth to vote for change, I guess youth being idealistic helps. People no longer waste their rights to vote. This is a good sign for change.

Who wins?

The election was exciting just as the results are. When I was a kid, I used to like watching the news-roll of votes and see if the candidate I root for gets in. Now, we no longer wait for a long time, before it took months to do manual counting but now we saw that a day after the elections some local candidates are already being proclaimed. By this rapid change, we can never be sure of the results, some still doubt it, many issues popping out like PCOS Machine being labeled as Hocus PCOS, vote buying allegations, etc. Still with no confirmation and evidences though. I'm just hoping that those aren't real because this is the only time we can make a change and I don't want this chance to be stolen from us. They said this is the cleanest election so far, I hope that holds truth to the results as well.

For the record, NoyNoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay are the President and Vice-president Apparent respectively. On presidency, the oranges were overpowered by the yellow magic. Some do not approve this, but I just hope all the best for our country, no issues.

So joining the bandwagon, here's a short note for our 15th President-elect Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino:

Dear NoyNoy,

Congratulations, the public has chosen you to be the new President of The Republic of the Philippines, maybe because the think that you'll be the catalyst for change, congratulations still! I hope that this trust we've given you will not be put to waste. Our future is in your hands now. And we are letting you handle everything starting June 30, so please do your part. Let Philippines be better, and by better I mean best. Make the best out of your term. Your father and mother did their part already, please continue it in all your willingness and power. We do not expect you to be heroic, we just need a real sense of governance that will save this country from corruption, poverty, injustice, health and education issues and all that jazz. Laban as the sign below symbolizes, put this legendary symbol in action not only because it means a lot to the history of the Philippines but also because this is what the country needs. Unity and Peace. Do not disappoint us, I'll be praying for you and our country. I know you are not God but please make this happen, give us the change we've been wanting for all these years. Thank you very much, All the best! God bless you and our country!

Respectfully yours,

Rosette Adel

(May we be in good hands with you're governance)


Mary M said...

The YELLOW HAND us so cute... I WANT ONE! lol

Rosette said...

It's a pin. really cute. I think we lost those. :|