Monday, May 17, 2010

One, Twenty-one guns

21 guns. It kept playing on my head. Perfect background song while riding Wild River.
Oh yes, you got it right, that was the background song playing while I mustered a thousand dose of courage to face my fears riding that Wild River ride on Star City last night. I was never into extreme rides, you can never enjoy my company when you’re with me on a theme park because Ride-all-you can tickets aren’t just my thing. I just rode extreme rides back in 2002, at Disneyland and Universal Studios just because I had no choice. My aunt was a hustler on rides and I just followed her, Jurassic Park and Inidana Jones were my favorites back then. Although the T-rex scared the hell out of me. Man, it was totally huge && he swallowed us alive! (lol) Anyway, Going back, last night, I tried to conquer my fear and I rode that Wild River ride to make the most out of 2009 even when I believe I cannot. And even though I thought I’d die of fear. (I know, Over-acting, but it’s really a big deal) Although, I feared a lot, in the end I now knew I can. I just have to swallow 1000 milligrams of courage pills and I’ll get over it. Yes, it was a rewarding experience especially because I’m one of those crazy scaredy cats you’ll ever meet and a simple ride like this is nothing but an achievement. (Shallow, but true. Seriously.)
^A blog I posted December, I think.


Mary M said...

Kudos for conquering your fear :-bd

Rosette said...

Thank you! :)