Thursday, May 13, 2010

Text twist and something

Picture this, you and your close guy friend’s playing Text Twist way way back dinosaur ages, where lol (laugh out loud) doesn’t exist yet. (You probably live under a rock that time, but wait, there’s PC already!) But anyhows, The word is “Easily”, smart that he is he figured out the word in less than 30 seconds, he just needed to fill the three-letter word spaces left for him to complete the round. As we sometimes think, smart people knew complicated things, but the simple ones harder for them to solve and figure out. Lost as he was then, after multiple times of jumbling the scrambled letters, he goes: “Is this allowed?” and typed in: “ILY”. And you replied: “what does that mean?” then he said “nothing, forget it”.

It was then that later on you realized that it was the loveliest three-words ever made. Little did you know that that was it, busted. Awww. How you wish there were tutorials on online abbreviations, but there wasn’t any, so you didn’t get it, and you didn’t reply in a way that you were supposed to, in a way that you wished you have.

….It happens.

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