Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Script-ed

There's nothing like a concert where you can sing along in almost all the songs of the performer. This was also the case during the first ever concert of The Script in Manila, April 16, 2011. Sorry to disappoint you but this is not an account of their latest concert here. This is more like a throwback post because I wasn't able to blog it then.

I was really ecstatic when I found out this Irish band was having a concert here.One, they are one of my favorite bands, two, I know most of their songs. In fact, my all-time favorite was "The man who can't be moved" it never gets old. I immediately told my friends about it and luckily, they all loved the idea of going. 'Luckier-ly', our friend Ate Mary gave us a treat for summer and sponsored our tickets for this concert. How sweet!

On 16 April 2011, I went to the venue with my cousin. He's also going to the concert with his then girlfriend so I decided to take a hitch and we planned to just separate ways there as I join my friends.The roads then were very traffic that I felt I will almost miss the opening of the concert but of course, we can't let that happen. So we made it there. There were almost no seats, because our slots were free-seating which meant we really have to be there earlier than the show. I was with my friends, Alette, Ghe, Linette and Dennesse. Bianca was also supposed to be there but she had a family-affair to attend to then. We stayed at the SRO area as we jumped, waved our hands, screamed and banged our heads all night.

The Script Concert in snippets