Sunday, November 11, 2012

The day I missed Bruno Mars and "working"

Late March of 2011, I had my internship on ABS-CBN Foundation. I was assigned to the PSG department with my classmate Bianca and this is the time when we almost met Bruno Mars, but let's get to that later.

Brief description of our tasks for OJT:
Write scripts for Bantay Bata 163. Transcribe and code interviews. Do voice-overs to be aired on ANC. Dubbing. Inventory of video tapes. Ingesting videos to be aired. Join and assist on shoot, etc.

I've learned a lot from those tasks plus I got to meet a lot of people who were able to teach me. I also made friends with them and the other trainees. I feel like even for a short stay I got the taste of how working on Television industry works. It was an unforgettable learning experience.

Here's a view of our workplace with the people behind the camera:

(Dubbing room)

(Rosette at the office doing VOs, writing and dubbing)

(When we joined a shoot with Ms. Tina Monzon-Palma, no less)

(Keep track)

Now let's get to the Bruno Mars, part of the story. Colleagues were exchanging jokes about Bruno Mars visiting the office. I took it seriously. I don't know, maybe I got a hint that it may be true. Woman's instinct maybe? It is.

It was supposed to be our last week when we saw AF's calendar of activities. Right before our eyes was a reminder that Bruno Mars will visit AF. Was it really a big deal though? For a music junkie like me who's a sucker for celebrities, it is. Who will want to miss it when it's an opportunity coming closer to you? So we've decided (Bianca and I) to go to AF even if we have a clearance to attend to in school. We promised to ourselves that we should make it to this day.

April 8. We hurried our lunch and went straight to the office. Once we arrived, securities were all over the place we were ecstatic, there was even a red carpet at the ground floor of the office. It is really happening. In a few minutes we'll get to see  Bruno Mars. I was all ready. I prepared my camera and phone in case of a paparazzi tendency at the spur of the moment. We're all ears to the doors, if there would  be screams or camera snaps (which they said aren't allowed by the securities.) Eyes on the windows to see if his car has arrived until we were asked to transcribe some videos on a closed room. I thought we weren't allowed to go out so we just waited if they'd call us in case he was there, but no. It didn't happen. We just  continued our work. Then we heard some squealing. Right, they've already seen them, too late for us. He's already upstairs, about to perform to the children from Children's village.

Few minutes later, someone entered the room and told us they saw Bruno. How giddy they were. They were even showing videos and photos of him. I tell you it was heartbreaking in hyperbole because we were just there. They should have called us. However, they told us that we could have another chance to see him after he perform for he'll pass by our floor again. They said we should just wait. So we waited again, but later on I was asked to deliver some tapes at the Sagip Kapamilya office. I hurried to the elevator so that I could still have the chance. Inside the elevator was a middle-aged woman with a seemingly Press ID/ Bruno Mars pass ID. I smiled at her. Left the elevator ran to the office and went back to the elevator.

When I came back to our department, everyone was giddy again. Apparently, Bruno Mars already passed again. Had I not hurried I would have seen him inside that elevator. Oh chances, sometimes they're just too elusive. Turns out, the woman on the elevator was one of the organizers/ handler of Bruno Mars. I didn't know. Or maybe, seeing Bruno Mars wasn't just meant to be. Well, at least I'm almost there. Only,I didn't get there. Almost but not quite.

Later on, we were asked to return the technical equipment used during Bruno Mars' performance. I got the chance to hold on his microphone. It was a privilege like I was holding a sacred object. It may be overacting but when you're always there but not quite, you just feel happy and disappointed at the same time. Still thankful there were a lot of "at leasts" and "almosts".

Maybe there will be a next time. Let's wait and see.
(Memoirs of what-could-have-been)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

14 years of being THE lord of info

Happy 14th birthday, lord Google! You should know how thankful I am for every bit of information I earn/ still earning and will earn from you. You are amazing beyond what the world has imagined. I still consider you one of the most helpful things I have discovered by far. Do know that you are one of the world's greatest blessings so I hope you will stay the same and keep growing. I owe my knowledge and entertainment from you, as well as this blog and almost every thing else I enjoy on the interwebs because if not for you I would not have find them. Maybe someday I would write a tribute about that, about you. Just maybe. Nevertheless,  stay awesome, you. Don't forget so many people rely on you. Don't crash on us. Don't thank us. Thank you. To me you are not just a search engine but a lord. All hail for we are celebrating your birthday... to infinity and beyond, cheers!

Forever in awe of you,


Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sige na please, Santa.

Kailanman hindi magtutugma 
ang mundo ng dalawang taong nagmula
sa ibang planeta.

Kahit sila ay magsinta
Pagdikitin mo man na parang linta
Sasabog pa rin na parang kometa.

Hindi ko talaga sila maipinta

Pilitin ko man ganoon pa rin ang resulta
Sinubukan ko na ang lahat ng kulay parang wala pa ring tinta 

Sana man lang may kwenta
Itong pagpinta ko sa dalawang magsinta
Na nakatira sa magkaibang planeta

Kasi... wala lang, basta.

Gusto ko lang naman ng magandang resulta.

~Written last Friday morning. Edited and done by night. Daily musings.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catching-up blog post

Yay, finally a blogpost after some time!

In case you are wondering why I haven't been posting lately, here's the deal...

Senior year has been a tough one, busy schedules, lots of meetings and beating the deadlines plus savoring the last moments as a student so for a while, I placed all my time at school. Then come the sembreak and holidays, I've been busy with thesis and some gatherings so you pretty much get to picture how busy I am now, do you?

2011 was indeed busy, but 2012 won't let 2011 win just like that, earlier this year was all about cramming final requirements for (drumroll please?) the much-awaited graduation. Yes, Ma'am and Sir, I graduated last March. Part of the reason why I had to take a leave on leisure-writing.

But here's a secret, I drafted a lot of posts for 2011 and all the whiles I was M.I.A., because I believe being busy means having an eventful life and having an eventful life means having several photos, moments, insights and stories to share. I would love to blog about those. I haven't finished everything since I have to delete those drafts, but I am working on it now. I even planned to have a 366 project but I failed to, so I ended up just drafting posts whenever I can. I know I owe you several posts from summer 2011 to June 2012, but it doesn't matter for I am back.

Supposedly, I am about to launch my return last April but Blogger won't allow me, I got an e-mail saying my blog would be terminated and or deleted if I don't migrate my account to Google. It was truly frustrating because I tried my might to migrate my account but it won't just let me. However, I knew I already migrated years ago so I was wondering why I still received that e-mail. For a while, I mulled about it over Twitter because I thought that it will be the end of this blog and that's one thing that's really hard to accept. I even migrated my posts on Tumblr because there was already a deadline, May 29. I gave up trying to migrate and just accepted that I will mourn by the end of May because my 7-year-old blog will die and I can't do anything about it.

Although I was upset for a while, I'm glad that my fear didn't happen. I can now re-write those drafts I deleted and fill you in with some stories from 2011 to the present (may not be chronological anymore but I will try).

From time-to-time, expect some changes, because this blog may turn into a food blog, travel blog, fashion blog and etc with book reviews, film reviews, musical and literary posts in short a LIFESTYLE BLOG. I'd like this to be versatile this time, containing all my interests, adventures and misadventures.

Prepare to be flooded  with my posts for I have a lot of catching up to do. Remember, you were warned.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Banchetto Experience

May 2011 drafted post:

(Appetizer- Miso Soup)

(Main Course- Twistix, Roastbeef with rice)

(Street Food- Betamax and Isaw or Chicken Intestines)

All of these for as low as 200 php.

Sunday, January 01, 2012


I can still remember the past two December 31s I’ve spent in front of my laptop doing my year-end blog posts and yet here I am again doing another. I guess time passed by so quickly.
We are once again on the last page of the calendar, crossing out the last date of the year, and in a few, we’ll be turning the page and replace our old calendar with a new one to give way for 2-0-1-2.
My 2011 was bittersweet and very challenging. Along the way, it thought me these six words: “You win some, you lose some.”
To reminisce the year that was here’s a recap of the past 12 months, some I wish to forget and some I will always treasure:
January- My month. Good times rolled: My 20th birthday, A start of the new decade, our clan reunion, Quadricentennial celebration of UST. I got a gift: Amazon Kindle. What a great start of the year.
February- Nothing much I can remember except that I counted about 400 people holding bouquet of roses on Valentine’s day. Of course, with a friend. (Lame I know, but entertaining. ;)) P.S. I was able to watch Sugarfree perform live before they disbanded, Yay! Thank you, Arki! I love that band so much. <3
March- End of my 3rd year in UST. This was also the month I started my OJT for broadcast on ABS-CBN foundation. Met new people there, was able to work with them with F-U-N. (I kinda miss ELJ building now! *sobs*) Also the shoots we’ve had for PhotoJRN and Artapp docu.
April- Oh, I love this month! Everyday OJT. Holy week. Swimming. Maginhawa St. foodtrip. My almost-Bruno Mars encounter on our office. And most definitely, The Script concert! <3
May- After some OJT hunting, landed to another internship, this time in print at the Journal group of Publication (People’s Journal and People’s tonight.) I loved my beat CAMANAVA where I met my journmates who eventually became my friends. What’s even more great about the experience was that I got published. Won’t forget our Makati day-outs and the afternoons and evenings I spent at Padre Noval St. as well.
June- SWEET month. Start of the 1st semester which meant it was also the start of my last year in UST. Everything sweet. Can we just replay this month? :)
July- HELLUVAH. Not my month obviously, lost a phone. Something happy? Cinemalaya goes to UP (Edgar Allan :”>), NBA all-star game at the Big Dome and my Galaxy Tab.
August- Rock and roll month! 4JRN3’s Wendy’s Baconator foodtrip. The play William. Viaje Tomasino concert. New Phone. AB Himigsikan. God, the fangirl in me… Kean Cipriano! <3
September- I only remember Ghe’s 20th birthday at The French Baker, MMJ and Belavers’ anniversary.
October- Two dear friends left for the US, Lyka and Maxine (I miss them.) Lost another phone (I guess I failed to prove that I’m not Ladyluckgazette right there.) End of a hellish sem but thankful I passed. :D Sembreak. Mario Maurer’s fancon.
November- Second sem! Thesis face on. 11/11/11. Ocean park and Taft visits. Grad pictorial. Got my BB.<3
December- Christmas spirit! Lovely memories: Gawad Ustetika Awards Night. 3-day retreat at Calaruega, My block’s Christmas party, Pre-paskuhan, Paskuhan and Family’s Christmas plus New year’s eve.
Of course, I may have forgotten to mention a lot more events or I intended not to mention them but it doesn’t matter anymore, I’m all ready to leave them behind. I’m thankful for the people who stayed with me however difficult I was. Those who shared the pains and joy of 2011 with me, a meaningful thank you for you. I really love you! I also experienced a lot of kick-ass moments, most of them first time to happen so it has been an adventurous journey. I’m grateful for the year that was, even if it caused me some pain in the middle. So many things to let go of and I tell you, boy was it hard, but I still learned from it. Like they said, ‘you win some, you lose some.’ All I know is that I, You, We, should be thankful that we’re survivors of 2011. Congrats! Here’s a pat on your back.
Now it’s time to sing this song by Semisonic… ‘Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…’
Happy new year! Wishing you a better and worry-free 2012. Screw the thought of the world coming to an end this year. 2012 is all about moving forward. Let’s just have fun and let the good times roll for the next 366 days. Cheers to 2012! Cyberhugs everyone! >:D<
(Originally posted: December 31, 2011)