Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catching-up blog post

Yay, finally a blogpost after some time!

In case you are wondering why I haven't been posting lately, here's the deal...

Senior year has been a tough one, busy schedules, lots of meetings and beating the deadlines plus savoring the last moments as a student so for a while, I placed all my time at school. Then come the sembreak and holidays, I've been busy with thesis and some gatherings so you pretty much get to picture how busy I am now, do you?

2011 was indeed busy, but 2012 won't let 2011 win just like that, earlier this year was all about cramming final requirements for (drumroll please?) the much-awaited graduation. Yes, Ma'am and Sir, I graduated last March. Part of the reason why I had to take a leave on leisure-writing.

But here's a secret, I drafted a lot of posts for 2011 and all the whiles I was M.I.A., because I believe being busy means having an eventful life and having an eventful life means having several photos, moments, insights and stories to share. I would love to blog about those. I haven't finished everything since I have to delete those drafts, but I am working on it now. I even planned to have a 366 project but I failed to, so I ended up just drafting posts whenever I can. I know I owe you several posts from summer 2011 to June 2012, but it doesn't matter for I am back.

Supposedly, I am about to launch my return last April but Blogger won't allow me, I got an e-mail saying my blog would be terminated and or deleted if I don't migrate my account to Google. It was truly frustrating because I tried my might to migrate my account but it won't just let me. However, I knew I already migrated years ago so I was wondering why I still received that e-mail. For a while, I mulled about it over Twitter because I thought that it will be the end of this blog and that's one thing that's really hard to accept. I even migrated my posts on Tumblr because there was already a deadline, May 29. I gave up trying to migrate and just accepted that I will mourn by the end of May because my 7-year-old blog will die and I can't do anything about it.

Although I was upset for a while, I'm glad that my fear didn't happen. I can now re-write those drafts I deleted and fill you in with some stories from 2011 to the present (may not be chronological anymore but I will try).

From time-to-time, expect some changes, because this blog may turn into a food blog, travel blog, fashion blog and etc with book reviews, film reviews, musical and literary posts in short a LIFESTYLE BLOG. I'd like this to be versatile this time, containing all my interests, adventures and misadventures.

Prepare to be flooded  with my posts for I have a lot of catching up to do. Remember, you were warned.

Thank you for reading!

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