Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Banchetto Experience

May 2011 drafted post:

(Appetizer- Miso Soup)

(Main Course- Twistix, Roastbeef with rice)

(Street Food- Betamax and Isaw or Chicken Intestines)

All of these for as low as 200 php.

This summer although I can't go out of town because of my OJT, I love that I was able to explore Metro Manila. I finally went to Maginhawa St., gone foodtripping and exploring there with the help of my friends.

For summer 2011 alone, I visited Maginhawa twice, the first one was supposedly just a visit to Bookay-Ukay while the second one was to tour a friend. Exploring a place I don't know is fun. I am just working with my feet. I go wherever it takes me and I feel free. The good thing is I also learn how to commute and of course I earn experience in the process.

Enough of the commuting experience let's go back to the title my "Banchetto experience." FYI, this is not the original Banchetto located at Emerald but this is also in Ortigas just across the Tektite building. My father said it's the smaller version but there are still a lot of food choices. How was it? For someone who loves cheap thrills this will do. For as low as 200 PHP you can get a full meal with drinks and dessert complete with your appetizer. You just have to explore the booths. There are a lot of choices from Filipino food to other International cuisine. A lot of booths grill pork barbecue and street food too, so you may try it at a very low cost.

As for the environment, it's set near a parking lot, open-space without any roof though, the booths have make-shift roof. Seats are assured because even when the tables and chairs are on a first-come, first-served basis, there are crews roaming around and assisting every customer.

We didn't stay too long but sure as hell, my stomach was satisfied that Friday night. It's like having a night-out with the parentals, only, we party on food. I hope I will be able to try the real banchetto, one day.

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