Thursday, September 27, 2012

14 years of being THE lord of info

Happy 14th birthday, lord Google! You should know how thankful I am for every bit of information I earn/ still earning and will earn from you. You are amazing beyond what the world has imagined. I still consider you one of the most helpful things I have discovered by far. Do know that you are one of the world's greatest blessings so I hope you will stay the same and keep growing. I owe my knowledge and entertainment from you, as well as this blog and almost every thing else I enjoy on the interwebs because if not for you I would not have find them. Maybe someday I would write a tribute about that, about you. Just maybe. Nevertheless,  stay awesome, you. Don't forget so many people rely on you. Don't crash on us. Don't thank us. Thank you. To me you are not just a search engine but a lord. All hail for we are celebrating your birthday... to infinity and beyond, cheers!

Forever in awe of you,



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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