Monday, May 31, 2010

Going Artsy Fartsy

I am proud and at the same time ashamed to introduce to you my "do-it-yourself-planner", my project this year, "365 Days of Bummer".

Obviously, the title has been adapted from one of my favorite films, The 500 days of Summer. The idea of having this just struck me one January day when I'm looking for a perfect planner for the year. But I can't seem to find the perfect one, some too expensive, some aren't worthy so I thought why not make one for myself? In that way it'd be more personal since I'm the one who'll make it. So I did. Fortunately, I found my USA beef blank notebook and made it all happen. I also put in there 'Expectations and Reality' in exchange of my to-do lists. I just found it appropriate so I can keep track of the things I've done over the week.

It's sad I do not have any talent for art. Pardon me for the latter months, they were crammed so you see really ugly doodles. This is the arty-est I can be, technically. But not really, you should have seen my sketches for TLE when I was in 4th Year. I loved how I've drawn Ronald McDonald and Erap sadly though we have to return the sketches so I didn't get to save them.
Those old days are gone, I'm not good enough anymore.

I've already squeezed in all my talent for art and here goes the labor of love:

(From cover to some random statement)

I still have a lot of pages left so I'm going to use it to enhance my drawing skills. I hope there'd be gradual progress in time. Till next craft yo!


clarice gregorio said...

Ahhh,no wonder you're busy. Goo'job! ;)

Rosette said...

Thanks madame. Pieces of crap. :))

Mary M said...

Hey, it wasn't THAT bad. Good job, dude! :-bd

Rosette said...

Child's work of art. LOLJK. Thanks anyway! :)