Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Too cute to handle

These planners/journals/notebooks are to die for!

(Back details of the notebook on the right)

Lately I've been impulse buying notebooks-slash-journals-slash-planners at Swell Stuff just because I found them cute. You do not know how it's a struggle to not resist things I want but don't need because I am such a thrifty person. Something like that, someone who's practical. Like when on groceries and I got an item which is expensive my mind goes: Is it worthy? Will I benefit from it? Will I be sad if I did not buy it? And when the answer's no, I bring it back to the shelf where it rightfully belongs. All these thoughts rattle me especially when I'm broke. I cannot afford to buy something I do not need just for the sake of having it. With these journals though, I do not regret. On my previous post I already said I thrifted out on my planner and have one created instead. Yet, a few months later here I am buying all the cute planners I can see. I am a little confusing like that. But don't you agree with me that these are cool finds? After all, it isn't expensive as moleskins and high-end planners wouldn't cost you a thousand bucks. It wouldn't hurt to buy one at all. The covers, inside pages are good and worthy enough. The only thing which bothers me now about these, is the fact that I do not have a good handwriting. It would hurt if I turn these beautiful journals into ugly-ducklings the moment I wrote on them. I should have utilize them in the best manner I can. In time. I'll make sure of that.

Something tells me it's better if I'd leave them alone. I have more journals here anyway, they will just serve as my spare tires for now because they are just too cute to handle.


Mary M said...

Those are cute indeed! :)

Rosette said...

After a year, still haven't used them. :)