Monday, June 07, 2010

Hmm, Watcha say?

I am never good at anything. I'm not good in writing, sports, academics, public speaking, not good on everything artsy nor do I have a talent on dancing, singing or acting. I'm just a plain old Jane without a talent, maybe I do have but I haven't discovered it yet. Sometimes I wonder if this is normal. I mean not having something your good at, I wish I could excel on something because it sucks not being good at something. It's all average. Monotonous. But I do not hate myself for that, I still love me because I know I've been trying on fields I'm interested at. I still consider myself extraordinary because I may not be the best but I try. At least I do. At least I'm not that useless. Ha, seriously. You know what I mean. And you've seen them already, through my blogs and doodles.

Here's one of the things I'm interested at aside from writing, photography. I'm not joining the bandwagon of Digital Photography nor do I consider myself a photographer because I am not. I am no pro, I am only a photo-hobbyist. And I don't even consider myself good at it because I am just an amateur here. I do not even have any profile to show you either. I just take photos because I wanted to, sometimes it's vanity, sometimes it's for pleasure, sometimes I just have to and sometimes I just feel like doing so. I'm passionate about it like that. In fact I started taking photos at a very young age, even before I had my own camera at the age of 11.

Why do I heart cameras?

The first camera I ever had was a Film Compact Lens-Shutter camera (not-so-famous brand, I can't even remember the name). I got it when I once stayed in Japan for a vacation, the prize I've won from playing bowling I think, or was it because of a catalog promo? I can't remember either. We also had this black Canon Compact camera back in the 90's but it wasn't mine really so I did not get to use it very often. All of those were film so it was kind of costly, although, it's much better because you can see the real quality of the pictures. The second camera I got was a Polaroid which was a gift. It's not the usual Polaroid with white outlines, the ones my camera produces are photos with designed outlines. It comes in a very small size almost that of a 2x2 picture. Then came the age of Cell phone cameras which I've utilized very much for my daily documentation of vanity, events and whatnot, I am using them until now. The next was my 2-year old Sony Cybershot T70. With this camera, I took a lot of photos, thousands of them. I also took worth-taking videos. I love this camera because it has a lot of features, it's also pink, just saying. If you want to edit photos you can do it straight from the camera, you can even doodle on photos you've taken. The first time I put my hands on it, I found it hard because the language set was Japanese but later on I got used to its functions. It's one of my favorite gadgets. Also, I've had a lot of memories with this camera, concerts, trips, etc. that's why I treasure this one very much. I liked digital photography because of it, taking photos became cheaper because you can just store the photos in memory cards or PCs, although we all know there are pros and cons that comes with it. Finally, the latest camera I own is this Nikon D5000. My first DSLR, I never thought I'd have one. I named it Percy Jackson and I am his Grover, the protector.(OMG, I'm so corny!) I'm trying to discover its features yet because it's kind of new and the manual book was again in Japanese good thing the language settings was in English otherwise I'd be dumbfounded again. So far I'm loving it.

(Isn't it cute? DSC-T70)

I love taking random subjects, from fireworks, sunsets, clouds, flowers, things, people to places, but what I love taking the most are bokehs. Bokeh is the "aesthetic quality of the blur in out-of-focus areas of an image, or the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light." as defined by Wikipedia. I've always found them beautiful. I wish I can take good quality pictures with bokeh-effect. I've been practicing this art now, but I am also waiting for Christmas season because this is the season of lights, which means more bokehs to take.

So far, here are some of the bokehs I took:

(Morning trial @El Jardin Resort, Bulacan)

(@ NLEX)

And these are the most recent ones, from the point of view of my Uncle's rooftop in Bulacan:

I'm so obsessed with bokehs that I don't even understand why. I found them romantic and very creative. I'd be posting another set once I've taken ones which I think is good enough. Gracias!


Mary M said...

BOKEHS - a new word for moi (thanks)... You know sometimes it's better to be average on everything than to be skillful and talentend on just one thing. I can attest to that coz I'm more like you ;) lol

Rosette said...

But people with a certain talent are to be admired. Haha, it's a Japanese word. :)

Mary M said...

True, so I guess there's nothing to be "admired" on us? hahaha! :))

Rosette said...

Not really naman. hahaha! :))