Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Good bye, May!

So long, farewell, my precious May.

It's hard to say goodbye to May, because it only means one thing, June starts and I am not ready.

June signals:

>Good bye to Summer vacay.

>Good bye to lazy ass.

>Hello UST!

>I'd be facing books and profs again. School's here in two weeks.

>Up to now, I can't get over my sched, I hope I will real soon.

>5-day class. And Saturday classes which ends at 9PM. hello.

>Commuting really late.

>Homeworks, projects, papers, papers and more papers.

>Writer's block. HUHUHU. :(

>Mental block.

>I say hey to stressful life again.

>More sleepless nights and eye bags. (I might look like a Panda by then)

>But it's still good cause it's Hello friends and familiar faces!

>Plus hello food trip on Carpark and etc. (But I just remembered we don't have a break so scratch that out.)

I miss eating @ Pasta Plates. How random.

Wishing everyone a smooth-sailing school year. May all of us have the endurance to face the challenges ahead. But first I've to face the long lines on enrollment day. God bless us all!

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