Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Our Classrooms Suddenly Turned Into Newsrooms?

School year 2010-2011 opened exactly a week and a day ago. Upon the opening of this new semester comes greater responsibility (Not that Tobey Maguire responsibility kind of thing but just simple responsibilities like not being late on class, if you get what I mean), bigger changes, and a lot of adjustments to make. There's a lot in store for us on our Third year in UST.

Aside from our building being newly painted and renovated, our schedules and room assignments changed. Even professors and instructors do, plus we now have four major subjects to take. Most of our classes now ends at 9pm, 5-day class everything on the afternoon shift. These courses are more complicated than the previous ones, and note that each class's duration is 3 hours. Very different from the one-hour or one-and-a-half class morning shift classes that we got used to. This must be the price we pay for somehow slacking off on our first two years in College, adjustment's inevitable. This got to be the real thing. I foresee challenges ahead. A lot actually. I observed this on the past first five days I've been spending on different classrooms. Maybe the only thing that didn't change was our block, same familiar faces but better ones I must say.

June 16 happened, and in one snap...

Our classrooms suddenly turned into newsrooms, how?

We instantly became reporters/writers/researchers our Professors or Instructors became our boss and editors. We research for stories then submit our articles on deadline, they check it. That's just about it. Sounds easy? Truth be told, it just sounds like it but the process is not as easy as that. I speak for myself, I don't know with others. Some are born to write anyway.

Meanwhile, about the experience I'm learning a lot. I'm trying to note what I've been learning so far.

On Lit 3, The professor said we should keep up on our acads because the only choice we have is either to sink or swim.

On Feature Writing, The professor stressed out that we should mean whatever we say and whatever we say we'll mean. He also said that everyday is a deadline for writers. These deadlines drives us crazy but when it does, it makes us work harder since it gives us undue pressure.

On News paper practice and management, The professor said deadlines are sacred. Indeed it is.

On Literary Journalism, The professor highlighted some anecdotes about the misfortunes of reporters who got late. Tardiness should be strictly avoided on our field.

These are just some, I also have Spanish, I.T. in the Newsroom, Experimental Psychology, Filipino 2 classes where I've also learned a lot. I note what they say, because I believe everything matters. I've had a lot of lessons in my head over the week, imagine that. It's good that I'm learning. First day was not just mere orientation or the same old introduce-yourself-in-class session, some segway-ed their lessons already. On one class we even had a mock press-conference. Classrooms surely turned into newsrooms. We may encounter several surprises like this along the way, I must prepare. Or at least I should be alert or aware. (I can't find the perfect word. ha.)

So this has been me, reporting to you the happenings on my come back to school, I'd be updating you when something's newsworthy enough, wait for the next deadline.

By the way, I posted some photos of my second assignment below, to interview a Freshman at the Thomasian Walk. I am working on this article now with my oh-so-reliable friend/partner Bianca. Good luck to us! (In case you're wondering what's my first assignment, it is a critique paper on any feature article of my choice, there.)

(Covered the Thomasian Welcome Walk yesterday. Freshmen spirits on high!)


Anagon =) said...

this is exciting! :) always something to look forward to every start of the year! :)
enjoy your sir cuartero classes! :) he made us write all the time, till hindi nako sanay na walang deadline! ;D haha!

Rosette said...

Agree! Major event sa school! :)

I think I'm enjoying it. Thanks! Must be extra-diligent now. Aww, naging good practice naman for you Ate you're a very good writer!:)