Friday, October 15, 2010

We'll paint the Sistine Chapel

We’ll paint the Sistine Chapel
So this is the long due 3.0 photo on my non-pro shoot with @clamour. It took me a long time to post another, sorry for that. For one I am busy second I am busy. and there’s no other reason, I am just busy. Way busy that I don’t even get to sleep.
This look was not really inspired by something, but with the beret I have, let’s just pretend I’m playing painter here. (Not even close)
Love the shot, shorts and shirt recycled. I guess the combo’s plain but I think it’s good to go. Let’s now paint the Sistine Chapel and pretend I am MichaelAngelo, just because he’s the only painter I know aside from Da Vinci and Gogh. :D
-Text I posted on Chictopia, Lookbook and Tumblr-

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