Sunday, October 31, 2010


In the light of the spooky season, this blog will be about Halloween, just so I can somehow celebrate even if it is underrated on my country. And and because I am nowhere but home when I'm suppose to be on a Halloween party or trick or treating somewhere.

Let me refresh my childhood memories of October 31st...

We (Cousins and I) used to trick or treat at BF Homes, Paranaque. Thanks to Dionisio family for inviting us every year then, it's a pleasant experience. I remember the feeling of being amazed whenever I see kids with awesome costumes, the sight of houses with incredible decorations. I found them cool because they really put their time and effort just to make the children and adults on their village happy. It's also like Christmas in a way since people are being generous only, the costumes are scary and the mood is set on a darker tone if you know what I mean. The candies and other sweet treats are also great too, we used to brag about how full our baskets were after trick or treating but nothing compares to the fun it gave us. Plus the warm greeting from the villagers. it will really make you smile. I miss those. It is old school but it is still something I'd like to go back to on my childhood. Too bad it's underrated here. The spirit of halloween is not that famed, but I'm still a fan.

Last night, because I was bored and there's nowhere to go to I made fun of one of my photos and made a zombie picture just to get the heck of Halloween:
(So this is how I look like with prosthetic)

I also made vampire pictures of myself but I don't find it spooky enough that's why this was the one I used as a profile pic on Facebook as a Halloween special. I'm surprised with the comments and likes I got. I bet it looked really scary to them. I made some zombie and vampy pictures of my friends as well but they might kill me if I post it here so never mind.

Next year, my friends and I plan to throw a costume party, by then I hope this zombiefied picture will be brought to life.

Here's something witty but *insert gross adjective here* costume I found on tumblr: (FTW! It is still funny. Best costume award goes to whoever you are.)

Once again, Happy Halloween! :)

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