Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to my old place

While almost every blogger I know are making a comeback in blog-o-sphere and creating their new accounts, I, remains to stay here. In my old place. My first ever blog site.

Yes, I've had a long break when I used Tumblr, May, 2009 but I never meant to abandon this blog. I even intend to post the blog-worthy posts I blogged there to here so I can make up for the time I did not blog. As I have stressed before, I am not a regular blogger, I post blogs for at least once a year. As a matter of fact, my last post here was about a week and a year ago. I just can't commit to updating all my accounts as they are growing in numbers as years passed. And I am very certain that when school starts I will not have time to write. There had been a pattern already, I only get to post something during summer, sembreaks, and Christmas vacation. Doesn't mean I'm lazy, I take it back, sometimes I am, but really I just have a lot of accounts to juggle, and see, I'm not much of a good writer. I just hope I am, but I am not. I knew I can improve though. As of now, I only write what I think which may appear non-sense to you. Eating your time for unreasonable reasons, so sorry for that. Maybe that's why I post a lot on Tumblr and Twitter, since it does not require long posts and no one cares if what you're saying has sense or none. So yeah, what else? This blog has been alive for almost 5 years now. Cheers to that!

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