Monday, May 04, 2009

Joining Ako Mismo

“Symbol of Courage. Primarily used to identify soldiers during war or battle, the dog tag has become a symbol of courage and strength through the years.Now, Ako Mismo is using the dog tag in its advertising campaign to identify the brave Filipinos who are taking a stand against apathy; those who have decided to fight the indifference that is plaguing our country. No more complaints, no more excuses. Wearing the Ako Mismo dog tag is a sign of the commitment to do something, big or small, for the country.”- Ako (credits for the photo and text)

My pledge: Ako mismo ay makikisama sa pagbabago bilang isang peryodista.
Ako Mismo’s goal is to voice out the people’s stand on issues, cause they believe in and for Filipinos to post their pledges. When I joined the ‘org’ this afternoon I have read the ad on the newspaper and after I’ve watched it there were about 9,500 commitments posted on the wall. Now when I checked my profile this night, the figures amazingly increased into 18,117. Coincidence though, today Filipinos’ pride Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao won. The race is making a voice across the world, making a change, let’s all start with a simple pledge, might as well join the AKO MISMO movement and let your principles be heard. links:

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