Thursday, May 13, 2010

9 things for 2009

So much for the heartbreaking dramas, sudden deaths, scandals, storm aftermath, gruesome massacre, anticipated volcanic eruption, YEAR-ENDER SEVERE COUGH for me and all those crappy memories, we can now say: “I SURVIVED 2009” jumping, shouting, or even raising your middle finger whichever way you want it, because the calendar marks just reached the last day of 2009, we’re just counting hours and it’s 2010.

“A chance to change one’s self, a chance to be a hero, a chance to heal a nation” - Studio 23 ad (I cannot remember the exact words but at least that’s the thought)

9 things to be thankful for in 2009:

1. My eighteenth birthday- Yes, I’m a registered voter now! Still alive and 19th is fast-approaching!

2. HongKong Trip- Disneyland one more time. Nathan Road, Avenue of Stars, walking down memory lane, can i just go back?

2.1 count in my other domestic travels Subic etc, and the concerts I’ve watched, great shows, looking forward to more of it on 2010.

3. Acads- May not be the best but at least surviving NS101 is unexpected. Achievement? LMAO.

4. Surviving Ondoy- I know, we all hate Ondoy’s visit.. but hey, here we are celebrating New Year’s eve!

5. Laptop dear- I have no name for it, but it has been my companion for my late night paper works and insomnia-moments.

6. Health- no serious illness this year except for this severe cough, and the wisdom tooth which bugged me for days and oh, a lil fever I had. A healthier 2010 please!

7. 2JRN3- My college block. They really are awesome people. Me loves them all!

8. Friends- could not name you all but you know yourselves, Me thanks you for 2009! For the friendship and everything. me loves you too!<3

9. Family- Relatives and cousin dears included, awesome gatherings we had. More of it on 2010. Me loves you also!

To God be the glory.

Au revoir 2009, Bonjour 2010!:) The year of the TIGER. Go USTe!:)

May we have more Efren Penafloridas, peace, love and happiness! Happy New Year everyone! Have a prosperous and peaceful one! God Bless us all!

I’m hearing fireworks and Auld Lang Syne. Cheers to food and us! Bow, Tumblr.

*I posted this on New Year's Eve, the former were posted 2009.*

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