Friday, March 31, 2006

Addicted to "MEAN GIRLS"

I've never been sooo addicted to any movie like this.

I almost watched this flick twenty times already and I still want to continue watching it.
In HBO, I also watched it. At home I've seen this many times already.
With some of my friends, I watched it one time, but I guess this addiction still goes on.
I'm thinking maybe because I'm a Lindsay Lohan fanatic!

Yes, you heard it right. She's a great actress at a young age and I love her flicks especially this, "MEAN GIRLS"
I don't why, but I guess, it's simply because I can really relate to it that much,
You know what I mean?
It's about the complicated High School Life.
I'm in it now, and somehow, though it's hard to be part of that life, I can say that it's still
a moment to treasure.
It's full of everything and a mix of anything, and that makes it one hell of a great experience.

I'm just loving it. I guess the lesson here is you should always be happy with everything or anything because in anyway it's what's destined for us.. probably. Good or bad things, consider it a gift!


Mary M said...

Hahaha! Linsay Lohan addict *apir!* :)) ... I have the DVD of "Mean Girls" right here with me. Lol. But my super fave is "The Parent Trap"! :))

Rosette said...

Oh, I haven't watched that in full. :|