Thursday, April 26, 2007


"..We flyin' first class up in the sky, poppin' champagne living my life in the fast lane, I won't change by the glamorous.."-Fergie
It's definitely summer, baby! and what? all I can think of was TRAVEL, TRAVEL, and TRAVEL some more travel! 
Traveling is my greatest indulgence and actually one of my greatest dreams was to travel around the world. Fun isn't it? that is a glamorous life, absolutely.
Anyway, because it is my passion I traveled a lot, and once I traveled alone literally, and it's in Japan by plane..though you may not believe it. (haha!)
Of course there I have companions like my aunt and uncle but then on the plane I was alone guided by a Japanese stewardess and at the airport, by bunch of Filipinos waiting to be all aboard. I love it. Though it keeps me sad since I was too young and afraid to be alone.
But the thing I love in my experience was just like Fergie I flew on a first class airline. Actually, I was at the economy class but the stewardess woke me up after a nap and transferred me to the executive class.Wow! I was astonished! It was awesome! And not only that, I felt like a celebrity, I really had a V.I.P treatment..yipee! During the take-off, they made sure that I will be the first one to step off the plane..and they even fetch me until the arrival area.
 At the immigration they let me pass without falling in line, whatta life, V.I.P. treatment.!
Royalty indeed like I was just dreaming but all of that happened and I would definitely want to experience it again.


Mary M said...

You got a V.I.P. treatment because?... underage??? :)

Rosette said...

Yes, ma'am. I am a minor. :)