Friday, December 28, 2007

Year-end special.

Crap. I miss blogging. It's been months since the last time I blogged.

Sadly, this will be the year-end special. I just don't know if time permits and I'll have a part two of this one.

Anyways, 2007 had put me to extreme ups and downs,
and no Mr. Webster or any dictionary can define what I've been through this year.

Happy. Sad. Freaky. Weird. All the emotions a human can take, I think I've felt it all.

The littlest things that made up my year were like the greatest ones and the things I thought were not enjoyable like having a 3-day retreat without my beloved gadgets (it felt like I'm inside the Big Brother house at least for three days and two nights, though I don't really know how to live there), joining a school contest--the radio broadcast thing (I was just forced, luckily, we won.) and doing a newspaper (I liked it.'s such a tedious job. Good thing we've finished it, hard earned fulfillment I guess).
Having a digicam (whew! finally!). Having new friends. Trying new things. and the list goes on.

I also had like tons of switch of luck. The reason behind not having to blog is one. Phone's off for like a couple of months and it made a great impact. My cell phone got reformatted, (Sob. I cried over stuff I lost, hadn't recovered it though. Loss of my two grandfathers (My Tatay Erap and Lolo Edgar, life's too short indeed.) and regrets with things, too bad.

But all of those were something to be grateful about,lessons learned. I have to face a new one and have to change anew whatever it takes.

A sweet good bye 2007!

I have to say hello to 'o8. Good luck for me.=)

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