Sunday, June 01, 2008

Time of my life.

After "total-none blogging days,weeks and months", finally, I'm back to blogging.

This would be the first for '08. (err.)

So, what would I be blogging about? eh?

This could be about the essence of David Cook's winning song in the recent American idol which was titled "Time of my life". Once again I'm here relating my life to a song. (Now, you probably knew how addicted I am to MUSIC. ;p) So here it goes, March was a blast for me. I mean really I had a lot of 'firsts' that month though it also signals 'bye byes' and happy ending.

March 1. The first concert I ever watched. Not that I haven't seen some international or local acts perform on mall tours and such live but it's still different to be on a dome where crowds are hyped with unexplainable energy. I still won't regret my decision of giving up a day of working on my thesis and exchanging throat and heart throbbing moments while waving my hands way up high with Ne-yo's Because of You concert. Singing out loud sure is way better than squeezing the nerves of my brain for my thesis. (C'mon! put your hands in the air! haha.) I wonder how my batchmates felt cramming that day while I was having the time of my life at the big dome. (Envy me! Kidding =D)

March 29. Commencement day.
It feels so good to graduate as one of my alumna friends said. I totally agree. A million percent more. It's like you were attending the grammy awards in Hollywood and you're one of those nominees for the night. Emotions are stirred from the preparation. grad practices. royal march and till you reap the fruits of your labor, getting your diplomas. (Ahhh...nothing compares to it.) It was a joyous moment for everyone except the fact that we're saying bye bye to our home for 12 years. Our comfort zones. But as for me, it doesn't really matter. Memories would still count the most for it is a history made, never will it change.

This June, as I recall those memories: hellos and bye-byes. I open a new chapter, my College life, which I yet haven't conquered. More so, I'm looking forward to a "new time of my life".

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