Saturday, June 07, 2008

Vacation that was.

Few days from now I would be once again a freshie, and vacation would end then.
So, I would lovingly share of the vacation that was this year.

1. I practiced my strokes and underwater skills with my cousins.

2. I have celebrity encounters just with malling and international rapper Flo rida was one of those.

3. I read and finished about 5 books. (Whew! accomplishments again.) My favorites were Tuesdays with Morrie of Mitch Albom and Like the Flowing river of Paulo Coelho.

4. Enrolled and confirmed myself alone at the University of Sto. Thomas. (accomplishment for me because I'm so dependent, and yeah, I made friends.)

5. Practiced commuting with a couple of friends and with a lil help from my mom as well. (we actually did some kind of strolling at the mall and had our meriendas at BK.)

6. Celts vs Lakers. I heart KG and KB so I would be glad whichever team wins the playoffs.

7. DVD marathons and long boob tube viewing made my day for always. I loved CSI Las Vegas and Kyle XY.

8. Techie trip. what's summer without my trusty gadgets? BORING. But because I made use of it. (texting and phoning surely helps. haha)

there you go, the summer that was.

Btw, I heart the ad of Nescafe which explains my future life once I entered UST on Wednesday, Aliens everywhere.haha. I'm one of them. Good Luck.

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