Wednesday, October 22, 2008




After those series of unfortunate events that I've gone through, I'm still thankful I'm still here and back to blogging.(for now) It has actually been exactly 4 months and 2 days since my last entry and I'm sorry to disappoint you that this entry has really nothing to do with TWILIGHT SAGA or whatever it is affiliated with the title, I just feel that it fits my mood right now. Melancholic yet gratified after all.

Why melancholic, unfortunate and why heart-breaking dawn? Do I sound like an 'emo chic' in here? Well, I hope not. haha! It is not something serious though, looking back months
ago I just felt melancholic. I mean, starting College was such a big adjustment and I've had like tons of first time experiences here. Before, after having my phone robbed, commuting was hell. I cannot even go to school without any companion, but as it is I need to learn something from it. I met a lot of people and some turn out to be my friends now, others just acquaintances that may also be a friend someday. I'm glad about what freedom College and AB gave me. It was my first time to go home so late for being stuck on traffic, first time to meet UAAP players, first time to watch Pep Rally, Have PE class with awesome groupmates, Frozen moments and Scary happenings, Be part of a community which share a unique camaraderie as a THOMASIAN. "One for UST" as they say, what a school spirit I yearned just with this semester. Every time I go to school having jeepney ride and entering RM. 215 it was as if my day is just starting, it is so unpredictable but at the end of the tiring day it was always fun to be in that section "1JRN3". As the story goes, the semester gave me perks that helped me during my adjustment period as a froshie but it's not always a happy experience in reality, there are 'unfortunate events', I am a human not exempted from this kind of events, I am not a Dean's Lister for my own fault, I was not able to report on a class day and that gave me my first wonderful grade "3.0". Of course I'm thankful that I passed but I can't take off the thought that I slept 3 am every time I do hardcore reports or projects and I squeezed and gave out every effort I have on my system so that I'll have good grades but things can't always go my way, maybe I deserve what I got or maybe I do not but I know God is there to give justice to what I deserve and to what is really planned for me.

Sure disappointments are heartbreaking and brings me to despair but it could also be a step to moving forward. There are millions or infinite reasons enough to be thankful for and for me to be happy. Every bit of thing takes time and effort, even waking up does. Today is the breaking dawn as the semester has ended. The Chapter 1 is closed and cannot be edited for it has already been published, tomorrow is something to look forward to, it is the "NEW MOON" of my life. Wish me luck for my enrollment and clearance tomorrow, I guess it is hello 2nd sem!

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