Sunday, April 05, 2009

How important time is?

For the many months I missed blogging, I apologize.

And for the nth time that I've been using these apologies as an introduction of my blog entries, I apologize.

I do not have the luxury of time to update and juggle all my accounts on Social Network Sites at the same time. This made me realize that with this very single duty of creating my identity in the cyberworld, I need time. More so, that the motto "Time is gold" holds much truth to it. Yeah, it's gold or even more than what its worth for with time we incorporate our lives. How well we use our time determines how well we lived on Earth. Because we just can't turn back time when we want to. We should make use of it wisely when we have it. There is a past, present and future where we choose to dwell. Our choice will prevail whether we want to live our lives to our "NOW" or still be haunted by the past, we may also live the future on our choice so we'll be able to plan our lives ahead. Life gives us all the choices, but time runs when we are enjoying. With life's uncertainties, time comes to be uncertain as well. We live, We die, We gain, We lose, We experience this and that because time allows us to. If we didn't have the time we'll never have the chance. My point here is to make our time more meaningful than what we perceive it. It's the start of Holy Week tomorrow, and maybe we should reflect on this over the week. To value the life that has been given to us by God, to share what we have, to say what we have to say, to mend what is to be healed, to correct the wrong things, to grab the chances given to us, to live our life to the fullest is something we should do. This sounds "clicheic" but I am not getting any younger, I am 18 now. Legal of age but not mature enough to realize some things including this very simple thing yet very significant so by now I JUST HAVE TO. I know I am guilty of always being late, taking for granted time not realizing that time is indeed an hourglass, the sands fall down as time passes we never really know when will ours be empty.

So live and value time or else there's no tomorrow.

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