Sunday, April 05, 2009

Summer blabbing.

Summer blabbing that happened so fast.

It's summer and it spells V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N galore!

Wooh! After tedious months of doing Algebra Homeworks, researching for papers, writing news articles for Journ, memorizing names and places for History, doing Logic boardworks, creating powerpoints for Theo, practicing for Arnis and doing lots and lots of school works, SUMMER is officially here and finally It is our vacation. YAY!=)

Students look forward to this every year I suppose. Why of course, It is the only time we can have longer hours of sleep and do whatever we want having no absent record after. Not that we do not have holidays but summer is a little different. It's longer and the weather's good. I started mine earlier this March and I'm glad that I visited HongKong. An addition to my travelling experiences. Let's just see where my feet would take me this April, May and early June. I do not have plans and I am not that rich to go globetrotting in as much as I want to. Even here in my beloved country, I cannot go to places on an instant snap of my fingers. How I wish I can, cause I really love travelling.

Okay, enough of the rants, let me just share to you my HK experience. So we stayed in Dorsett Hotel and went to tourist spots (HK Disneyland, Victoria peak mountain, Avenue of Stars). We also went discovering HK by ourselves, it's not that hard as we thought it would be. Yes, we were on a foreign country, we're aliens but we survived. You just have to be a street smart and people wise as you can't trust anyone easily so you could be safe at all times. It is not so dangerous to step out of your box for a little while and walk alone the streets even if you do not understand the language and street signs, there are a lot of Filipinos anyway. They sure are willing to help their kababayans, and that's one good thing we should be proud of. We roam around the city and we actually find good stuffs, places that are not included on our tour itinerary--an experience of the culture with foods.

So there, this is my HK experience and I am looking forward to more summer escapades this summer break.

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