Sunday, April 05, 2009

It's a Small world afterall

First year's over and I'm up for a new year in UST.

It's amazing to find that with just my first year in College, I met a lot of people, knew names, and at least recognize new faces. A thousand of them maybe or if I am just exaggerating its numerical values then a hundred of them is sure I've met. I read Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven and I found it interesting that even people whom you do not even knew the name can make a big impact in your life, in some ways and how people are connected to each other. For instance, a rich person to a beggar, a celebrity to a fan and many more examples if you may think. But it is more than that. In College, I was amazed how I meet people from the past and meet them in the future as well. What do I mean? I need not to elaborate. I just find it amazing that people are really connected in some ways, somehow. Your brother may know your crush by heart, your cousin turn out to be your classmate's ex-girlfriend, your parents and your profs maybe classmates when they were still in HighSchool..Sounds familiar? This is just a typical scenario on how people are connected. True enough, wherever you may go be it across the globe or just downtown you may find someone you knew or you do not know but has a connection to you. Like when I went to Tagaytay, was surprised that my Uncle knew my schoolmate's family, when I went to Japan I knew kids of my age which were actually my aunt's friend's children and just recently when I went to HongKong I found a schoolmate's sister. This is no destiny, as I thought at first, but this just a way how people are connected. We may not be all related by blood but we are bound by our race, cultures, beliefs and commonalities. At the end of the day, we just find ourselves dumbfounded thinking that it's really a small world.

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