Sunday, September 02, 2007

People are people.

I definitely agree that this line is so true.
We set high standards on things, on people and almost everything.
We fail because of our weaknesses and we simply are just human beings--entitled to commit mistakes.

And so we strive to be someone who's better, perfect to please everybody in any aspect we see it.
But the truth is we're IMPERFECT people and we can't please everybody no matter how we tried so.
We should be real, and not be pretentious because then we'll see perfection.
With being real, since we are brave enough to accept who we really are.
For me, that's the best thing of being a human. We are imperfect yet we seem to seek for perfection that is actually only within our inner selves.
We just have to look deep down then probably every emptiness would be filled by realizing the truth within us.

People are people, once again, and they would always remain that.

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