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Summer Komikon 2014 Adventure

Picture a roomful of your favorite comic books and artists, that is what a comic-con looks like. 

Welcome to our Summer Komikon Adventure!
It was my first time to attend the komikon  a week ago. Thanks to my friend Azer whom I fondly call A, for she tagged me along with her cousin Annielle and friend Paula. I totally enjoyed their company and the event.

My heart leaped when A invited me because I was already dreaming of coming after I saw Facebook posts screaming comic book sales and autograph signings. I, however, do not have a companion and thought the venue was far. I already let go of missing the event until A texted and asked if I was going. No more excuses for me. I said yes and our fan girl-adventure began.

Like other book conferences, Summer Komikon 2014, held last April 12 was graced by the top-selling comic artists in the Philippines, my favorite Manix Abrera, Gerry Alanguilan, Pol Medina Jr., Budjette Tan, to name a few. Local indie artists were also present to showcase their works. 

Here are 5 things I loved about Summer Komikon 2014, in no particular order.

1. Not-so-limited time with your favorite artists

Unlike other book conferences where meeting and greeting the author was limited, this one's the opposite. Except for authors with huge following, in my case for Manix, only 200 people were allowed to have their copies signed. So if you really are a hardcore fan and aim to have your copy signed, be sure to attend early.

My signed copies! Apol Sta. Maria drew me!
I love that I get to talk to other artists like Sirs Budjette and Pol regarding their current works. Komikon, I must say is more personal. If you are shameless like us you get go talk and have picture with them. If you're lucky and charming enough maybe you could also ask for a free sketch. It's also a good thing that they were present during the (almost) entire day.

Mr. Pol Medina Jr. signing my Pugad Baboy XIII. We got to talk about his new career with Rappler.
Mr. Budjette Tan and I as we spoke about Trese Book 6 and UST

2. Strategic booths and well-organized simultaneous events

I've noticed that Komikon is well-organized. The rooms for indie artists, film showing, stage and the artists were placed strategically. The venue however was just too crowded and congested that it ate much time queuing from one booth to another but nevertheless bravo to the organizers and bouncers for keeping the event peaceful and successful.

Visprint with the largest booth was situated at the center making them more accessible

3. Freebies!

Most events have freebies and perks these days. There are contests being held, you can win cool stuff if you're attentive. However small or big, it's nice to go home with a lil memento from the event aside from photos as souvenirs. Thank you dear sponsors. 

My lady luck charm stroke again and we won a shirt during the bring-me contest

4. Celebrity-sighting

Not all will enjoy no. 4. Most of the goers attend Komikon for the comics and not the celebrities. But for the few percent who are shameless fan girls/boys like us, yes, some celebrities do attend the event to also shop and be fan girls and boys themselves. Some of them support their artist friends. If you wish to take photos of them be sure to do it with right timing, we are all there to check comic books. Let's also give them their private leisure time. 

For this komikon, I saw Jun Sabayton, Ketchup Eusebio, and Annicka Dolonius. Cosplayers are also roaming around. You can join them next time or just have photos with them. 

Bayaw Jun Sabayton
Ketchup Eusebio, whose indie film "Maskot" was also shown during the event


In all caps and with three exclamation points because yipee! This is what I came for. And I am surprised that they were also selling collector items' comic books, international and local in a relatively low price, as in for as low as PhP 10.00. I scored good titles of DC and Marvel for me and my friend with prices ranging from PhP 20.00-50.00. Locally, I bought Kikomachine copies from Visprint with 20 percent discount to complete my collection. My next goal is to buy 12. 

Marvel and DC dibs for me and Clarice!
Finally completed my Kikomachine collection, and yes Kikomachine Blg. 10!
Some also sell pre-loved comics and brand new memorabilias. We are drooling over that V for Vendetta mask but it's pretty expensive. 

Trese's Kambal plushies, too cute but quite expensive
It's also good to check indie artists' works because this is one of the avenue for them to get recognized, they do have cool works. 

What I love about Komikon is that they also sell unreleased works, you may get it firsthand here before it gets published in the future or before it reach the bookstores nationwide.

Abangan: The Best Philippine Komiks 2014, excited to read this because Rob Cham! Check this soon in the bookstores!

You just have to release the inner geek in you and be patient in looking for good titles and you could take home stuff for you and your loved ones without hurting your savings.

Here are other photos I took from the Summer Komikon 2014.

Bayanihan Center at the Unilab Compound where the Komikon is being held for years. I heard they use to hold the event in UP Bahay ng Alumni

With the author of my favorite, Elmer, Mr. Gerry Alanguilan. He is also internationally-acclaimed
Rob Cham signing my Abangan, can't wait to get his Stories and Sad Comics for Dirty Lovers!
Apol Sta. Maria, the man behind Time Machine
Manix Abrera! Unbelievable how the lines for his booksigning are still on even after the event was closed

These are the happy kids taking a break from booth-hopping
If you missed out Summer Komikon, you can still go next time. The next komikon is set on November 2014. This apparently happen twice a year because one can't get enough of comics. 
By the way, there's a Free Comic Book day on May 3 to be held at Fullybooked BGC. You may check this link for details. I heard Filbar's is also celebrating Free comic book day, keep checking their page to be updated. I'm going to miss this event since I have a wedding to attend to but to everyone going, enjoy! 

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