Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Last Last Home Stand

Tuesday last week I got home late but still manage to make it in time for the much talked-about The Last Home Stand sponsored by PLDT, but then again upon browsing my Instagram, I came across a screenshot of Spin.Ph’s breaking headline stating that the Day 2 of Last Home Stand was cancelled and the night’s exhibition game will not push through due to internal problem. Apparently, the organizers were not able to secure permission with the NBA. I actually thought this was another of Social Media’s sensational satirical news and SpinPh got hacked so I immediately confirmed it by browsing through Twitter and Facebook accounts of reliable media outfits and to my surprise I saw that it was legit. BUT the question is WHY? Why must this happen during the last minute? 

In an instant, PLDT got bad acronyms, “Practice Lang Daw Talaga” was trending.

Disappointment, jokes, memes, insults, flooded my feeds from then. I do understand the rage. I would probably do the same if I was there.

People were expecting NBA players such as James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Brandon Jennings, Kyle Lowry, Damian Lillard, Terrence Ross, Kawhi Leonard, Tyson Chandler, Matt Barnes, Ed Davis, and Nick Johnson to play and not just do drills. Whether you are a fan or not, with a price ranging from PhP 700-23K, you will definitely expect a lot regardless if it was dubbed as charity game for the victims of Yolanda. That is why I understand why people like this guy who wrote this: Fan at Big Dome  feel bad. 

Apologies were accepted by the public, some can’t still move on but they will eventually. I just hope that this won’t happen again and that organizers will take full responsibility in their events in the future. After all, they already did that before. A Gilas game against the NBA happened at the Big Dome and I was a witness.

It is timely, so I am taking you back to that experience 3 years ago. Here’s a photoblog of the Ultimate All-Star weekend on 24 July 2011.

What better way to pump up everyone, cheer leaders performing before commencing the game!
There goes our national team, Gilas-Pilipinas!
Our honorable guests for the day, NBA players. That's KD right there!
Kris Lawrence sang the Star Spangled Banner
Now our very own, national anthem
A golden ball!

Let the game begin!
Starting line-up for both NBA and Gilas

One-on-one with Derek Fisher
Them cheering team during the half-time break
Commentators and Patricia Bermudez-Hizon
We also recognize other sports heroes. Congrats, Brian Villoria!
Another sports hero in attendance, Congressman Manny Pacquiao!
A smiling Derrick Rose during one of his FTs
The boys in action, so intense. It surely is more enjoying to watch live.
After the game, press everywhere.
Final score, good game!
NBA players gladly met our "Pambansang Kamao", pacman.

No less than the Black Mamba
Dominic Uy interviewing DonDon Hontiveros. His driver got Kobe's shoes, lucky guy!
ALL-STAR indeed
We enjoyed being fan girls for the day!

That's our Ultimate All-Star weekend. And now that the basketball scene is getting better, I wish to see more of this. I heard that Allen Iverson is coming to Manila this November. Fanboys and girls should watch out for that. As for the Last Home Stand, I'm sorry to say that that would be the last you will ever encounter but don't you fret for you may refund your tickets.Ticket holders are advised to visit Araneta Coliseum ticket books to claim refunds.

I just hope that won't withdraw your support to Gilas-Pilipinas. Let's all be a team and encourage them as they battle their ways to FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain.


MML said...

Heard NBA won't allow it's players to play last minute, hence the sudden change of plan. :(

Rosette said...

Yes, unfortunately :(