Friday, January 21, 2011

Surprise, surprise!

In an hour and 5 minutes I will turn 20.

(At least when I drafted this post. January 21)

My college friends love surprising friends who celebrate their birthdays. When I was about to turn 18, some of them attempted to surprise me. You know, just the usual. My crush as their gift, but of course they failed so until now I haven't received any surprise, not even once. Because I warned them that I hate surprises. I have this weird anxiety attack (Which I hate but keep on happening at the most unexpected times of my life, ugh.), even though the thought of seeing my crush on that special day makes me want it more, I just can't. I might get frozen or what. Nearly heart attack perhaps, oh well. My nervousness really is annoying and exaggerated and I don't want that to happen in front of the man of my dreams. Who wants that to happen anyway? It's shameful. But given the chance I listed the 10 surprises I would like to be prepared for me, on my birthday or on Valentine's Day. I know these are really impossible things to ask, but this is just me and my playful imagination. Plus these really are intended to be impossible. Who knows? It might just happen.

1. Wake up and see my love on my bedside holding a bouquet of flowers and a big bear and see trails of roses on my room traced with the sentences "Happy birthday" or "I love you." --Cheesy, I know. But it takes a lot of effort. And I'd surely appreciate anyone who'd be brave enough to do that. But first, you should ask for my parents' permission because it's our house anyway.

2. Be given a book which has a ticket to Paris inside or a concert ticket of my favorite artists would do. --That would be so lovely.

3. Come home from school and have a surprise birthday party with all the people I miss.-- This is cliche, I like it just like in the movies. I just want to know how it feels like if it's happening to me.

4. Enter a roomful of my favorite things and food from my favorite people.

5. A video with all the birthday greetings from my favorite people, crushes etc.

6. Get a call from everyone whom I haven't seen in ages. From my favorite people.

7. Have someone sing me my favorite songs on stage if possible. Like that on TV, whenever they surprise celebrities.

8. Receive tons of love letter from my favorite people.

9. Have a dance with all my crushes. --I sound like I'm 18 here. HAHAHA!

10. Be taken to that lovely place somewhere down south and have a candle lit dinner wit my love. (That place will remain secret, though.)

Some are just impossible. One, I don't have a love. Second, some are just too expensive. And some take serious effort and time. Too golden that you would not want to expect.

P.S. I'd love to have a ride on a hot air balloon with someone. Someone who I don't know yet.

Now make that the 11th surprise.

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