Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dearest reader

This is becoming an unattended blog and for that, I apologize once again.

I don't even know if there are regular readers/followers here or if there are any who's interested with my blog and what goes on with my not-so-boring-plain-life. Heck, I don't even have fans or haters to prove that, but what the hell, I'm still writing anyway.

But you know what? it's good to know that once in a while, someone will approach me and say: "Hey, I've read your blog. Keep writing." I have a good feeling when I get compliments like that, it's like even when I know my writing style is not really exceptional and I usually talk about non-sense random topics and events in my life , there are still few people left who appreciate what I write. I am thankful that they are there because they inspire me to write even when you know, there's really nothing worth writing about.

So... to you who's reading this now, THANKS A LOT! Thank you for using your precious time reading this. Sorry for wasting your time and for not meeting up with your expectations because of my shortcomings, but let that be not a reason to stop reading and following this blog. I may know you personally or not but I love you for giving an f*** and caring about my posts. I hope I can read yours too. Till next time, I promise I will update this once I have a chance. Be still and get happy! :)


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