Friday, March 11, 2011

UST @ 400

My school, The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, is celebrating its Quadricentennial year this 2011 and I am lucky to have witnessed it and be a part of its history, in a way.

Here's a glimpse of UST @ 400:

(Main Building, December 2010)

(Christmas Lights, December 2010)

(Poy dancers at Lover's lane, Paskuhan 2010)

(Hello, guys! This is me enjoying Paskuhan 2010!)

(The most-awaited, Paskuhan fireworks!)
(Ely Buendia and his band Pupil caps the night with their hits \m/)

"Kaninang umaga nagising ako may bakas ng ngiti sa mukha. Kasama kita sa aking panaginip, sasabihin ko dapat sa'yo pero wala ka na.. wala ka na pala.." -Nasaan ka, Pupil

The countdown to 400 years started December 16, 2009 and the celebration continues til we reach 2011. Paskuhan 2009 and 2010 were part of these celebrations. What I love about Paskuhan 2010 are the bands, Up Dharma Down, Franco, Kamikaze and of course, Pupil. The night ended my December with a bang.


(Athena, Faculty of Arts and Letters represent)

Quadri Program Countdown to 400
January 27, 2011
(Thomasians started the night with a solemn prayer)

(The UST field and Granstand's jampacked that night, amazing!)

(Time warp 1611-2011)

(Alumni RJ Jimenez on-stage)

"If we fall in love, maybe we'll sing this song as one." -If we fall in love, RJ Jimenez

(Jugs Jugueta of Itchyworms rocked the night out as he went down the stage)

They sang Beer, Akin ka na lang, Love team, Penge naman ako niyan, the Showtime theme song and etc.
(From L-R Apple Chiu, Sarah Geronimo and Jamie Rivera)

(Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano)

(Royal and Pontifical. Confetti showered as the clock strikes 12!)

I was lucky I got media pass to cover this Quadri Program for my org. I totally enjoyed the night because however tiring it was, my school spirit was relived. It was an overwhelming experience and at the same time I feel like I've seen the history of my school unfold before me. Amazing feeling I have.

Quadri Fiesta
January 28, 2011

Free food! ...dated on the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas. I was too tired the previous night because the Quadri Program ended late and my body's aching from standing too long while covering but I can't miss this once in a lifetime event. So yeah, I still went to school and I was surprised that there are long lines of people waiting for the food. Two thumbs up for the food supplies: Elan's lechong baboy, lechong manok, Max's, bucket of rice and many more. It was a fiesta indeed! It was actually cute seeing students eating at the Quadricentennial park with all their plates and utensils. it's like a one big picnic, only happier because I'm with the Thomasian Community. And yes, should I highlight that everything is FREE?! I guess there's no need.

My Quadri-experience was so far so good and I'm looking forward to more exciting events this year. And I would love to savor each of those because it's gonna be my last year in UST (hopefully) (*fingers crossed*). On top of that, I enjoyed all these because I spent it with people close to me, I'd still love to share the future events with them because they're something that will make it more worthwhile.

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