Friday, March 18, 2011

Whatever happened to A.Y. 2010-2011

...and to everything else in between.

I drafted this blog some days ago thinking of what to write because the school year was just full of emotions that I can't put it into words.

Like every school year, there are a lot of stories to tell with this one. Happy ones, sad ones and undefinable ones. Of course, all of those things are what's keeping it worth remembering. To say the least it has been one of the hardest school years so far for I've got to deal with a lot of things aside from school works. There's a lot of pressure going on especially on the latter part where I have to organize the things needed for my internship this summer. Luckily though, I got over all the hardships and passed the subjects not with flying colors but still just right and something to be thankful for. After all the shoots for PhotoJourn, schedule mishaps, shoots for ArtApp Docu, long hours in front of my laptop editing and transcribing videos, interviews here and there, editing of research papers. it's all done and I'm off to face another one this coming June. A big one, for it'll hopefully be my last year in UST. Oh yes, that fast already. We'll be the official Quadricentennial Senior batch by May 31. I don't know what to feel with that but I'm glad I've overcome six semesters already. So whatever happened to Academic Year 2010-2011 will just stay there. And whatever I will feel this coming school year is something that I am looking forward to.

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