Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Heartless 2012

This is the first time I did not write the traditional New Year's Eve post.

This is the first time I am writing with so much hate and pain on a new year's day. What do they say? There are always first times. (Don't you worry, I will not make you feel like I'm hating because that is an emotional thing going on in my head)

Year 2012 had been one of the toughest I've gone through. It was heartless but also rewarding. In all fairness to it it was a fun-filled year with memories I will still cherish and am grateful for. However, it was bittersweet. There were memories I wish I could really forget. It happens. There were mistakes that could not be undone but there were always lessons gained. Instead of sighing, I could only turn these into positivism by being thankful. Good or bad, THANK YOU, 2012. 

There were several first times in 2012. First time to travel with cousins from mother side outside the country, first time to get so drunk, first time to watch a gig, first time to go to places I did not know (alone), first time to have job interviews, first time to have a work, first time to receive salary, first time to attend a Halloween house party, first time to have sleep overs on cities apart my hometown, first time to perform a solo act (for work Christmas party), first time to miss Paskuhan, first time to have a Company Christmas party... the list goes on. Those were the things I will look back for. And for that I could say 2012 is a year of first times. Who knows what 2013 might turn out to be? I am only excited for the surprises it will bring since 2012 had been really surprising too.

I am thankful for a lot of things: the books I've read, the new people I've met, the people who stuck with me on difficult and happy times, the food I ate (hence a fatter Rosette), entertainment, surprises, Neo-centennial night, thesis defense, Baccalaureate mass, College graduation (I have yet to blog), love which/who made and broke my 2012, friends, family, relatives, concerts, fashion week, events, interviews, work, money, good health, movies I've watched, songs I listened to, BBM, YahooMessenger, Facebook, Globe, interwebs, camera, photographs, gifts, travels, coffee/shopping/lunch/dinner/movie dates, prizes, places visited, TV shows, truth, survival, UST, sleep, rest days, birthday, jokes, stories, hugs, kisses, meaningful and sincere conversations, ideas and all the experiences in between. You can see that my thoughts are unorganized because this is the only time I was able to blog again. A year ago I dreamt of having a project 365 but for the lack of collaboration and time I failed  to do so but here I am blogging. Good start eh? I still owe you stories from 2011 and 2012. I will write about them but for now this blog post will serve as my summary for the year that was. 

I will surely miss 2012 because of school but I can only reminisce the moments with a smile.

I am thankful for all that was. I am proud that despite the tears shed I have remained strong and that I even surpassed the Mayan apocalypse. If you are reading this, congratulations, you also made it! Congratulating one's self by the end of the year should be an annual ritual because you are brave enough to last and surpass 365 days even when I know there were times you thought of giving up. 

There are no expectations for 2013. I could only hope that life would be kind enough and that it will be pain and worry-free. There is only looking forward for all that will be. Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached my birthday month again. Happy New Year! Cheers to continuum! Of life and love, of family and friends, of travels, dreams, career and happy thoughts. May we have a glorious year ahead!

This is my first photo for 2013. I am with our dog Aski. Free hugs from us!


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M+K said...

we hope 2013 will be a better year :)
have a lovely day hun

Rosette Adel said...

Thank you, twins! :)