Sunday, June 16, 2013

Re-introducing Ladyluck Gazette

If this blog had real life, it would have been in state of coma for the many months I've missed writing. It may not seem to be alive but it is well taken care of. It is resurrected from time to time though. I visit this almost daily, along side with all the projects I do. I always want to write but I ended up doing nada.

How do I get my writing mojo back? That was my questions for the many days I've been wanting to return to blogging and the many attempts to re-launch this blog but there were only ideas, ideas I can't seem to put into a written product. How do I get my writing mojo back, really? I have no answer yet. This is just another trial to write. I guess when you are working as a writer, writing for leisure seems difficult because you've been trained to write formally. Or was it just me? I don't know. 

Just recently, I talked to a friend who's also working as a writer. I told her what I've been up to and how I've been meaning to revamp this blog. She said that this is a good idea. I agreed and encouraged her in return. However, she told me that it doesn't work for her since she was already busy chasing deadlines, she tend to neglect writing for leisure. No time, and for her it is a different thing. I know it may sound ironic that we are writers yet we can't write but it is the way it is. Sometimes it's not just writer's block. Sometimes it is also the lack of practice. 

In my case, it is the lack of practice and time. It is hard to juggle work and leisure writing but whenever there's time I ended up staring at the blank draft post. There were too many ideas, determination and will but there's no action. So today, even if I know that this is not good of a post. I still tried. I am taking this as another jump-start. There will be many throwbacks so I could share the last two to three years I wasn't able to write.

Now while we're at it, let me re-introduce my lifestyle blog. Welcome to LadyluckGazette!

Many people who've been here asks why I named my blog ladyluckgazette. Before, it was named rrrkhryzette. That was my stickycap-Friendster days. I matured years later and renamed this as ladyluckgazette. Why? Just like in class there is an etymology. Ladyluck and gazette. Again ladies and gents, my name is Rosette so I have to choose a name that would somehow relate to mine. I thought something rhyming would do and it did. I chose the word gazette because not only does it rhyme, it also correlates to blogging. Gazette is a noun also considered to be a newspaper or a daily. I thought that was very fitting for this blog serves the same purpose to deliver news about my life and adventures. Now for ladyluck, I chose it because I consider myself lucky. When I combined both words, it sounded good to me so I've decided this would be my permanent blog url's name.

Meanwhile, I tagged my blog 'Euphoric Thoughts Ensemble' because I wish to write happy things thus, euphoria and ensemble. Together, I found them beautiful of a phrase so from then I have been using it.

There's nothing deep to the origin of this blog. I just don't want it to be common sounding and I wanted it to fit to my personality as this is my online world. Enjoy reading, you.

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