Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shop, Watch and Help

If you have no plans yet for Saturday night, come and join GRRRL Scout Manila on Ukay Alalay happening this June 22, 5 P.M. at Route 196

Ukay Alalay is a project founded by Blogger/Celebrity, Saab Magalona in December 2011 to help raise funds for those who were affected by typhoon Sendong.

This time around she has partnered up with actress, Lauren Young to help Marra Sucgang and her mother raise money for Marra's radiation and her mother's operation. 

(Poster by Apol Sta. Maria)

Entrance is 200 PhP which includes one beer. Note that this is a CELEBRITY GARAGE SALE with BANDS PLAYING LIVE for a cause.

Not only you could enjoy shopping, listening and watching bands, you could also help. So call your friends now and book your Saturday for this shopping and music event. Who knows that Saturday spent with friends and family could mean a lot to someone else's life?

Check this Facebook event link for more details: GRRRL Scout Presents: Ukay Alalay for the benefit of Marra Sugcang
( This is a free advertisement for Saab Magalona and Lauren Young) 



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