Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Friday Beauty Haul and Pumpkin Soup craving

This is the latest I can get.

Last Friday, I decided to finally buy the things I needed as of the moment, along with things I don't really need but found useful. I went beauty/hygiene shopping in Landmark, Watsons and SM Makati of course with a help of a special friend. I don't usually do this because I only purchase stuff one at a time depending on the need. That's how I tend to be practical, sometimes too much. The factor that I now earn money adds to my practice of practicality. It's a good practice though, but there need to be a right timing and right execution. You don't need to deprive yourself of the beauty of commercialism once in a while. Just don't be a shopaholic.

So far after this sort of retail therapy, I am satisfied. My latest beauty haul which consist the following:

Ladyluckgazette's beauty haul

1) Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser- I always see this in the mall but I didn't know how it is being utilized. It's a good thing Youtube Guru Say Tioco Artillero introduced this to us during the make-up workshop (I have yet to blog). This can do wonders, I swear! If I have time I might review it. I would not buy this if it's not useful, remember, practicality. Available in department stores nationwide for PhP 299.00.

2) Nail Polish Remover- Also known as Acetone. I need this now because my nail polish are chipping off already. At PhP 15.00, this would last long for me since I rarely paint my nails.

3) Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-one Shine-free Foundation- Another Maybelline product right here. I got this in "Honey shade" because that is the darkest shade they offer. My Maybelline press powder's swatch broke so I needed a new one. Since I attended a make-up workshop, I decided to switch to foundation because it's more lasting and appropriate as cover-up. Apparently, what I bought was only a refill. It has no mirror. I'm actually okay with it. It's more handy and less likely to break unlike the ones with mirror. I already forgot the price but it's ranging from 149-170. (If my memory serves me right.)

4) Tictac candy- I usually buy mints from either Double Mint or Tictac. I found Double Mint too strong and expensive though so I stuck with Tictac. I bought this since I'm already running out of candies. I'm not a fan of mentos except for the grape one because it's delicious.This costs PhP 25.00.

5) Foot treats Moisturizer Foot Spray- For hygienic purposes, my mom recently bought a foot powder. It's good because it leaves your feet dry and odorless. However, it leaves stain on the shoes, especially if it's dark colored. She told me she found foot spray and try it instead. So there you go, bought this one just to see if it works better. I got the grape seed flavor out of the four more scents. Available in department stores nationwide for PhP 99.00.

After shopping, it's already dinner time. Usually, I plan the place-to-eat ahead of time to avoid wasting time but there are days like this when I don't have the planned place in mind. Luckily though, I remembered the restaurant in Glorietta located beside Pancake House. I forgot its name then but I remembered they have the menu outside and a flashback of a photo of pumpkin soup appeared in my head. When asked where to eat for that night, I said the description, my companion agreed and so we looked for it.

While looking for the restaurant, there was an event on the ground floor. The singer Jeric Medina of X Factor Philippines was performing live for a certain brand of bike. I recently saw him at the Bloggers United 5 but didn't watch him live so I decided to join the crowd stopping by second floor to peak and listen to his performance. He sang two songs I forgot the first one already. I was also people-watching then and I suddenly saw the restaurant we were looking for, THE SPAGHETTI FACTORY.

Upon arrival, there was a long line so it's good that Jeric was performing because we can overhear his songs. He sang my favorite The Man Who Can't be Moved by The Script. I approached the manager to ask for the menu and see their price range. There were expensive meals but the price is good especially if you are sharing food. I guess. They were very accommodating and told us that we should just wait for they are cleaning our table.

We struggled on thinking of what to eat because I wanted salad but I was hungry during that time so I know I needed something heavier than veggies. So we settled and chose pizza instead of salad. Below are the photos of the foods we ordered and the rest of my SF experience:

Spaghetti Factory Menu

Spaghetti Factory in collage

For appetizer, Creme of Pumpkin Soup! (You should know by now that this is one of my favorite soups.)

Pizza Mixa (This gives us an option to pick two flavors, we chose Italian Sausage and BBQ Chicken. Go figure which is which.)

Vangelina's Spaeribs for main course. This is not for sharing actually but we opted to share because they had big servings anyway. You can choose from plain rice and risotto. Of course I chose, RISOTTO.Tastes really good!

This is the fat me enjoying pizza.

Overall, for an Italian restaurant Spaghetti Factory was good. The waiters and manager were accommodating and they serve fast (They have service charge by the way). The food was definitely delicious and worth the price. You will not find it hard to order because the menu already had recommendations indicated in it. Those with 'thumbs up' icon are their best-sellers. The table setting was good, only the place was not spacious. No wonder people fall in line for it. I will come back to try their pasta of course. My rating is 4/5. ****

We had to burn the calories after eating so we walked and I remembered that I have no video for the day yet. Good thing I spotted a piano near the exit area. I asked my companion to take a video of me seemingly playing the piano. Later on, I found out the display was real so I played my favorite piece in it: Ni Yao De Ai (The Love you Want) by Penny Tai as heard on Meteor Garden (Yes, I can play piano, just "can" would have to learn other pieces such as A thousand miles and A thousand Years)...
Caught playing piano :(
.....and then the guard heard me and reprimanded me. Talk about embarrassment. That was the end of my Friday night, shame.

Stay tuned for more of my throwback posts and reviews.

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