Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best of EWWM 2012

Cover art by Jelito De Leon
Ellie’s Wicked Wednesday Mixtape was a late music discovery for me. Maybe I listened to too much mainstream radio stations that I was not able to come across this. But anyway, I am glad I learned about it on the latter part of 2012.

Little did I know that Ellie Centeno, who for me is a music savior, is also a fellow Artlet. Had I known then I would have told her how I love her passion for music especially that her choice has a very wide variety and I, being in love with mainstream and indie could totally dig to the mixtapes even if I never heard most of the tracks before. Like I said, learning and discovering is fun. It would not hurt to know a new band or a new song. In fact, it is therapeutic for me. I get to widen my choices as well making me more in love with music.

I have yet to download previous EWWMs and since the segment (as of the moment) is not  being aired I could just follow EWWM which is now Ellie’s Wicked Weekend Mixtape online.

 So far, my favorite mixtape is the “Pity Party: Heartbreak Edition", it could be because it is timely or the tracks are just pleasing to my ears. Please don’t think of me as a masochist. In my defense, I just like the tracks on that mixtape. You might want to check out the preview here so you could get a chance to love it as well: Pity Party: Heartbreak Edition

To prove that listening and saving EWWM is worth it, here’s the list of the tracks from the BEST OF EWWM 2012:

1. Bloodstream by Stateless
2. Poetry: How Does It Feel? by Akua Naru
3. Nightdrive With You by Anoraak
4. Don’t Move by Phantogram
5. Superheroes by Esthero
6. Suga Suga by Baby Bash feat. Frankie J
7. What You Need by The Weeknd
8. West Coast by Coconut Records
9. Nothing Like You and I by The Perishers
10. Last Request by Paolo Nutini
11. Grapevine Valentine by Kingsfoil
12. Let’s Dance to Joy Division by The Wombats
13. 1000 Times A Day by The Early November
14. Coffee Shop Blues by Alfonso Bassig
15. Pills by The Perishers
16. Hell No by Sondre Lerche feat. Regina Spektor
17. Jiq Song by Watching the Wheels (formerly Sugar Plum Fairy)
18. Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg
19. Red Rabbits by The Shins
20. Little Motel by Modest Mouse

More power to music, Ellie and EWWM. I am totally looking forward to some more mixtapes. Thank you for this, Ellie!

*This post is originally published January 2013 on my Jux account: Project36. Reposted it at: Project365 Tumblr and re-posting it now here.

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