Monday, July 15, 2013

Krispy Kreme celebrates 76 delightful years!

Krispy Kreme turns 76 today!

As a treat, they are selling 6 pieces of their signature original-glazed doughnuts for only PhP 76.00 (1 box). You just have to print or screen grab the voucher and show it via your phones/ tablets. Voucher can be downloaded here: Krispy Kreme Promo.  Details are already indicated on the voucher. You may download as many as you want.
Krispy Kreme Voucher

Each person could only avail maximum of two boxes. Promo runs from 7 A.M.-6 P.M. Hurry and brave the long lines, it's raining doughnuts today!

I already tried my luck today and bought a box for me and another for my office mate at Krispy Kreme, Ayala Branch.I actually didn't know this promo until this morning, I just learned it from my service-mate and since I am an early bird, why not try it?

This is what welcomed me when I entered their store!
Waiting area

People already surpassed the start of the line, that's how long the line is but it's nothing compared to J.Co.'s line.
I told you I didn't know about the promo. I went there with nothing. I just noticed the people got print-outs and I asked the lady behind me. She told me there needs to be a photo or a printed voucher. Good thing she was kind enough to lend me the voucher. I took a photo of it and showed it at the cashier. WE FIND WAYS.
Happy birthday, Krispy Kreme!

Look! Monsters University donuts spotted. It's Sulley and Mike Wazowski!

Thank you, Krispy Kreme! You made today special. <3>
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Rochkirstin Santos said...

I've tried many flavors of Krispy Kreme donuts but the original is my only favorite there. The classic flavor is just irresistible. Oh I hope they extend the time since I can't go out of the office during work hours.

Rosette said...

Let's hope it'd be a week-long promo :)

Gen-zel said...

Oh my, why I just read it now :((( Regrets are pouring on me hahaha. I so love Krispy Kreme, they are my no.1 favorite when it comes to donuts since I super duper like sweets and desserts :D I can finish a box myself :D

Rosette said...

Too bad you weren't able to try it Gen-zel. :( Maybe next time. I'd keep you posted. Thanks for dropping by. :)