Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Manila Ocean Park Year 1

Wonder how Manila Ocean Park looked like in 2009?

I could not believe it's been four years since Manila Ocean Park opened. Time flies cliche hits again and again. This is one of the many experiences I failed to blog. As promised I'd be blogging them one by one. (Not necessarily in order). Here's a post dedicated to my first visit to Manila Ocean Park in March 2009.

I've never been to Subic's Ocean Adventure so I have nothing to compare with MOP locally speaking, however, I've been to Osaka Japan's Ocean Park so that may be the closest thing I could compare it with. Of course, OJOP's bigger than MOP but it was alright for me. During my first visit, I gave it a benefit of the doubt since it just opened and there are room for improvements. By now, I can say I was right.  In 2009, some facilities were still under construction, no Hotel H2O yet, no shows just pure life-sized aquarium with different species being displayed. Some of the stores and restaurants were still closed then but yes, there was already a fish spa. I already forgot how much the entrance fee was then by I think it's around 500 PhP or below.

Here goes a sort-of-photo-blog to give you a view:

Upon entering MOP, you will see a dark hall leading to a dry place where reptiles and fish pond's located. There are plants and man-made falls placed on that area establishing nature's beauty. You will be welcomed by these crocodiles. They are real but you can't touch them. They are living in a very secured area so no worries.

Something fishy
There's a stair leading to the fish village, I forgot what it's called but that place is really dark. Cameras with flashes weren't allowed. Several species could be found there, for instance on the photo above: stone fish, star fish, sea horse, eel fishes and the rest of Nemo's gang.

A little anecdote on the place, however, dark, I saw my then blockmate Alya. It was unexpected, she's with her family and I'm with my mom and relatives. We hugged, introduced each other to the parties we were with and had a little catch-up since that was a summer vacation.

What's inside your bag?
The photo above were embryos of a certain fish, again I forgot which kind. It's amazing to watch because they got heart beats already. I'm thinking it could pop-out any time soon.

Big fish
Here we go to the Oceanarium part of MOP. I actually have a photo seemingly kissing this big fish on my 2009 and 2012 visit. I might show them to you on my future MOP post as a throwback. We'll see.

Under the sea

This is the life-sized aquarium I am talking about. A scuba diver could swim there. I wonder how big of an area it is? In Osaka, the aquarium was also big and there are whales and sharks if I'm not mistaken.

Relax, don't do it, when you wanna go do it
Fish spa for PhP 120.00! Sorry, no, I was not able to try it because of the raves from TV features, many people lined up for this. We were running late so we did not try it anymore.

Thinking of you
After all the walking, time to relax and savor the Manila bay view. Mmmm.

Sunny side-up!
We caught the very priceless Manila Bay sunset. Lovely.

 After the Ocean Park visit, we decided to eat dinner at Super Bowl in Mall of Asia. We also did some window shopping and shopping and I bumped into Ben 10, yay!

I also bumped into Neil Armstrong. Now that we're tired from this fun day, why don't we use our "space" and take a rest for another adventure up ahead? Thank you for reading my Manila Ocean Park Year 1 visit!
Neil Armstrong
Hep hep, before I finally end this post, a little opinion regarding MOP:

I must say for a developing country like ours this is just one strategic way to invite tourists in our country, appeal to the beauty nature. The Philippines is very rich in resources especially it is surrounded by seas and is comprised of a thousand and more islands. Considering that, I believe that we can count on Manila Ocean Park. It will improve in time and there's a bright future for it. In no time, it would be added as one of Manila's landmarks. Why not? Let's dream and wait. Support your own and visit every place there is in our country.

For inquiries, promos and services being offered, you may visit and contact them through their website: Manila Ocean Park

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