Thursday, August 01, 2013

DJ Quentin Mosimann is coming to Manille!

Last May, Filipino fans got the chance to watch the Swedish DJ Avicii perform. This August, another renowned DJ is coming to Manila.

After the Close-up Summer Solstice, Swedish Mafia and Avicii’s concert, here goes another surprise for the party people out there. The grass in the party-music scene looks greener as more and more international DJs are visiting the archipelago, DJ Quentin Mosimann will be joining the list.

DJ Quentin Mosimann at work (Photo credits)

DJ Mosimman for those who don’t know him is a flagship DJ producer of the new French EDM scene. He started his career in 2006 and became famous in 2008 after media coverage.

This French-Swiss DJ-singer is jack-of-all-trades and is really passionate about his work. At 25, he already achieved a lot. In 2009, he got a double gold record. He was also elected as one of the Best Dance DJs in 2011. On top of that, he received several recognitions and awards.

Who else could do that at a young age? He ranked  74th best DJ in the Top 100 DJs in 2012 as recognized by DJ Mag, he was also considered to be 5th Best French DJ in the world.

DJ Mosimman’s success is unstoppable and his hard works are paying off for just this year he was elected French Revelation on a Fun Radio Dance Event as he is also a resident DJ there and his tracks on iTunes got numerous downloads and hits every day.

Currently, DJ Mosimann serves as a coach in the TV show The Voice Belgium. Wonderful isn’t it? Not only he can mix, party, and create good music he also teaches juvenile talents.

Now, DJ Mosimman is ready to give back to his fans. Armed with showmanship and exceptional talent, he is ready to conquer Manila and party with us. We are lucky we are part of his Asia tour. Catch him this Friday, August 2 at the Palladium, Makati. Party-goers shouldn't miss this!

1st Visit in MNL

Follow Quentin Mosimman on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and checkout his Website to get updated.

For those who plan to party tomorrow, Palladium is located at Driveway Entrance, New World Hotel Makati, Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue. Contact Palladium here: Facebook and Twitter.

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