Monday, August 26, 2013

Basic Digital Photography with Sir Nicolay

On a previous post I mentioned my interest in Photography and how I've been inclined with several type of cameras which were upgraded once in a while. This love and passion for photos wasn't just that. As they say, you have to work hard and learn from it.

My interest in Photography heightened in 2008 when digital cameras were emerging in the market. Come 2009, Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras popularly known as DSLR also became popular to the masses. Before, you can only see it carried by professional photographers but from 2009 to date, it has become an accessory. It's sad because some just buy it for luxury and status symbol without maximizing its awesome features. I hope they realize its beauty like we photography-enthusiasts do.

To learn more of it, I sought for professional help. Self-taught photography works for others but it's good to learn from the pros once in a while. My blockmates and I were psyched to know that we will be having our PhotoJournalism class as part of our Third Year Curriculum. As a preparation, most of us on our block bought DSLRs only to find out in 2011 that we will be using the old school analog/film cameras for our PhotoJournalism class. Anyway, back in 2010, my friend Pam shared this Basic Digital Photography class by Sir Nicolay. I found it interesting since I was really looking for one. She gave me the link, I checked it and I immediately counted myself in. However, she wasn't able to join me for some reason so I asked my cousin Jam to enroll with me. Good thing her Mom was supportive. I enrolled us on the April 6, 2010 schedule and we're good to go.  

As background, Sir James Nicolay, a photography-lover and an academic teacher in Xavier who graduated in UP has been teaching Photography for the past two years. He holds his Photography classes in UP Diliman. There are several courses he offer and they come with certificate: Portraits 101, Still-Life and Landscape Photography, Basic Editing, Black and White, Outdoor/Street Photography and etc. You may check his website here to know more about his updated classes, rates, reservation and work. 

Our Basic Digital Photography (BDP) class was four hours worth of lecture and application. First, we were introduced to our cameras, tried its features, learned the basic rules of photography and then finally we were asked to apply everything we have learned. We were about 4 or 5 in the class and that makes Sir Nicolay more hands-on with his teaching. That makes it a good learning experience. If you are a photography enthusiast, I encourage you to take the class too. It's not a hassle for it won't took long and you'd learn a lot. Here's a photoblog of our BDP class with an anecdote for that day:

That is my classmate's Sony DSLR and my Telephoto lens in blur. Our gears for the day's class.

Part of the slide lecture. Shutter speed, basic setting for Photography.

Jam's lecture notes. We shared this for convenience.

Roc Cafe, where we held our mid-day class.
I just found my classmate's planner cute. Obligatory photo.

This is me tinkering my Nikon D5000 and getting serious in class.

My classmate's notes and Canon camera again. Try-out shots

Another classmate's notes.

Jam's Canon 1000D and her pink nails.

One of my favorite slides. Focus, important element of a photograph.

Hi! It's Rosette and Jam building relationship with these cameras.

And this is Sir James Nicolay, our Photography teacher.

My crush caught on the background.

So here's a little anecdote for that day... the class turned my day into a kilig one! How, you ask? We were asked to do some challenges as part of our Photography practice. Part of the challenge is to take photos within the area using a certain element of a picture and/or using a certain setting. Sir Nicolay will choose who best applied the lessons on the photos. While doing the task, I looked around to look for subjects then poof! On a table adjacent to ours was one of my childhood crushes, Nico Ibaviosa! He is an actor/model/swimmer who had been my eye candy since his Candy Cutie days. I was all pumped up because seeing him was really unexpected. I know that he is an Iskolar ng Bayan but I never thought I would see him that day. Too bad my cousin didn't know him, but too good accidentally, she took photos of him. All shots above were unintentional, you see he's the foreground of my photo. He is the guy wearing a brown/mocha cap. At least even if I wasn't able to take a photo with him, my cousin did. This serves as a little souvenir of the day I saw him. I was so KILIG but of course I had to take photos for our class. Our session ended and Nico's group meeting was also done so I never really get the chance to approach him but it was still all good.

Jam's Certificate. Congrats to us!

Classes are done! Now we're on our way home. This is Jam's driver. He deserves a black and white try-out photo for he searched the place for us when we got lost.

Jam munching chips, we we're so hungry after the class which was ironic because we just got off a coffee shop.

Black and white trial. Just another shot on the road, there's no subject here really, we we're moving so I decided to take a street/motion photo.

This has been Ladyluck Gazette and this is my favorite black and white portait to date. Taken by Jam.
This day got even better because I received an SMS from my friend telling me I passed all my subjects. What a relief. After a great learning experience, a kilig one, there's a good news and then an exciting meeting in preparation for my Lola's birthday. I had so much fun. xx


SirNicolay said...

Thank you, Rosette! :D Glad to see that you enjoyed my classes. Happy holidays! :D

Rosette said...

Of course I did. Thank you so much, sir! Happy Holidays, too! :)