Thursday, January 02, 2014

Burger United

We call this event "4JRN3 sama-samang kumain ng Wendy's Baconator"

At the height of Facebook events in 2011, there were several invitations to events which were not really true but just a pigment of someone's humor. For instance, there was this event called "Sabay-sabay na pagtawid sa Espana" initiated by CFAD students. I'm not so sure if this is when the idea of eating together at Wendy's was born but I'm thankful it happened.

As part of our block's camaraderie and making-the-most-of-our-senior-year, we officers decided to make time for a monthly gathering for the class to be organized by different barkadas or cliques. It does not really matter what, just as long as all will have fun and all will participate. To kick-off that plan, this was organized.

It was totally fun! Not only we were full from eating baconator, we also enjoyed because this was the first time our class actually bonded without any occasion. We usually just celebrate togetherness during Christmas parties or mandatory student events. It was bad that the idea was late but better late than never, right?

We scheduled the event after our Taxation class around 3 in the afternoon. Everybody was asked to go to Wendy's Dapitan. Imagine a flock of students heading to a small fast food chain, sounds like a riot! A good kind of riot, I justify.

While waiting for others, some ordered already. The plan was to try the then newly-offered product, BACONATOR. Some made fun of the crew by changing their names when ordering. There used Mercedes Cabral, Haggardo Versoza, Jirita Avila and other old-sounding Filipino names/ celebrity names. You know what silly pranks High School kids do. We were like that except it was not really annoying. All for fun!

The place could not accommodate all of us, we stayed at the second floor. Others could not attend because of previous academic commitment while some just dropped by bringing their unbranded burger. Well-appreciated. If you can't beat em, join 'em.

The eating came first, along side own chikahan, then picture taking, then we capped the day off with a game. I forgot what it's called but I remember it was from a member of Tomasino!Web. There's a phrase to answer and we used our phones to type our answers and pass it on clockwise. Or something. I actually forgot the exact mechanics but I remembered it was so funny and partly naughty/witty. It was truly fitting for a gathering. I could not recall how many times we were reprimanded because the class was so noisy. We don't mind, we were just having fun. We ended up at 5 something because we still have next class to attend to. Photo summary of the day appears after my WENDY'S BACONATOR REVIEW.

I rate Wendy's Baconator 3.5, because bacon. Everything with bacon is good. Not just good, EXCELLENT when crispy. For its price it was kind of expensive but I understand considering there's double beef patty, and bacon, and cheese. It's made for sharing, I believe. In our case, some shared. Others took the challenge of finishing it alone. Calories everywhere but we're in this together. At present, there is now a burger called "Son of Baconator", I guess Baconator is too big they made a mini-version of it.
(Because we're sweet)
These photos spell sweet. While our former president Denesse is away, we recognize her presence by writing down her name using french fries. Aren't we sweet? Meanwhile, our boys Karlo and Dan bought their less-expensive burgers outside Wendy's and still dropped by to join us on our mini-gathering. The Jirita photo was just a random comedic attempt.
(Calories brought to you by Wendy's)
LARGE fries and double patty burger!
(Barkada photos)
(Wendy's Baconator)

The real celebrator of the day, King Baconator.

(Riot called "4JRN3")
We totally enjoyed this game. It was new for most of us. Fun.

(All smiles)
Obligatory class photo. We're incomplete though.

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